1.1  Background to the Study

Aerobics and performance enhancement are part of the preparation process of a theatre production. Performance which is a dramatic or other form of entertainment presented before an audience needs to be enhanced, this is because every theatrical production requires a good performance.

       Aerobics enhances the performance of an actor in a production. A lot of aerobic exercise helps to relax the mind of the actor and put it in a good shape for a performance. It is safe to say that aerobic is a good mind developer and also ease stress from which will have certain aesthetic limitations in performances.

The study will develop an innovative style of how it will be able to get all the basic information of aerobics and performance enhancement. Although there are many problems that are encountered in creating a performance for a production, they can be checked if the director can do their best in providing a good aerobic formation. An actor must have good balance during body movement in a performance, also muscular co-ordination, awareness endurance. All these are necessary to help continue existence of good prolonged performance to develop fatigue free expression while performing.

1.2  Statement of the Problem

It has been observed that while creating a performance,

Adequate and appropriate fitness training have been a key factor in theatre performance settings. An awareness of these issues will be of support to dancers and choreographers to improve training methods to employ effective injury prevention strategies and to establish healthier physical state.

       Theatre performance need a strong fitness foundation, it means it requires effective attentiveness, fatigue free, commitment and physical fitness. It is in this light that this project is designed to look at ways of achieving effective aerobic exercise for performance enhancement.

1.3  Rationale of the Study

The research is necessitated by the ineffective activities of aerobics and physical exercise while creating a performance have not been properly investigated and documented. The research tends to tackle this challenge and show that more methods of aerobics and physical exercises can be employed to enhance performance.

Being a student of Theatre Arts exposes one to so many concepts and so ideas come to mind which will improve on the existing knowledge already written on this work.

1.4  Scope of Study

The research is focused on aerobics and how it enhances performance in theatrical productions. It looks at how aerobic is used to prepare an actor for a performance.

Thus, it looks at how theatre performances can be made better with physical and aerobic exercise which helps to maintain good strength, flexibility, balance, movement speed and co-ordination. All these elements will be studied by the researcher to make this work relevant.

1.5  Research Methodology

The research used the analytical methodology. It used written and printed sources especially books, journals and reports. The data collected were analysed and related to the existing body of knowledge.

Relevant materials and information were sourced from both the primary and secondary sources. This methodology helped the researcher to explore the aerobic exercise of the research.

1.6  Limitation of the Study

Some relevant materials are not available, hence the process of seeking and sorting out useful information on the study will be difficult. Time and financial constraints were also an hindrance to the study. However, the little information that is available will be fully utilized.

1.7  Significant of the Study

This study is an important one and it is significant to theatre artists especially the actor because it tends to help prepare the actor’s body. Aerobics help in the relaxation of the actor’s muscles, divert the actor’s attention on the sensations of his body and also helps to distract whatever else that is happening around him for the success of the performance.