This project attempted to identify the effects of computer literacy on the job performance of modern secretaries and to find out if secretaries without computer knowledge can be conveniently employed in a modern office.The researcher used all the secretaries and some administrative staffs in Hong Local Government Secretariat which is 75 staffs as the population of the study. However, because of the smallest of the population size, the researcher used the entire population of secretariat for the study.The instrument used for data collection was a 20-item structured questionnaire called ECLOSEC (effects of computer literacy on secretaries) which was prepared by the researcher.The researcher in order to get the needed result distributed questionnaire to some staff of the Local Government secretariat which was the area of study of this project, and their responses were converted. The researcher was able to found out that there are some effects of computer literacy on modern secretaries which are speed and accuracy, neatness, easy edition, formatting and saving of documents. Also that secretary without computer knowledge cannot be employed in a modern office.Furthermore, the researcher agreed that the major problem of secretaries is the fear that computer has come to replace them because they know fully well that without computer knowledge they would not be able to do their work perfectly in a modern office. The researcher noticed that students are not taught word processing as a serious course and this has contributed to their failure in performing their job.It was as a result of these findings, the researcher suggested that every secretary should try hard to become computer literate by going for the training so as to secure gainful employment in a modern office.



Background of the Study

In the past centuries, secretaries kept important documents or mails in their files or drawers. These files were kept in the filing cabinet or the storage facility which was in use for years. Some of these documents become too old and torn, it could get lost or the cabinet could not contain it any longer thereby leading to misfiling. Also some other workers in the organization could take away important documents without the secretary’s knowledge.Furthermore, stones and sticks were initially used as counting tools or machine before the industrial revolution. Charles Babbage who invented the first calculating machine foresaw the ineffectiveness of using the Abacus method of calculation. Computer came into existence with the help of the Harvard University coupled with the idea of Babbage with the experience gained from the use of punched cared machine. The first electric computer was built in 1944 and it was called the Electronic Numerical Integrator and calculator (ENIC).Over the years, (during the 19th and 20th centuries) business officers have been undergoing the process of computerization in terms of installing computers and other modern equipment in pace of old and obsolete ones. This computerization process started in Europe after the industrial revolution and has since gone round the world including Nigeria, Hong local Government is no exception.