This research project as an investigation into factors associated with child abuse people in Kaduna metropolis area of Kaduna state has made a revelation in pointing the factors responsible for child abuse which is as a result of death of either one parent or both polygamous nature of this affected children families and unemployment of parent or poverty. Survey research design was adopted for the study and with the aid of convenient sampling method, the researcher selected One hundred and forty-eight participant who are student, counselor and teachers in selected secondary school in Kaduna State as the respondent of the study. Well structured questionnaire was issued to the 147 respondent of which total of 141 responses were retrieved  and validated for the study. Data was analyzed in frequencies and tables using  simple percentage, Mean and standard deviation. In the final research or analysis, some of the recommendations have been drawn up for appropriate authority at people in Kaduna state and Federal government to take the necessary action deem appropriates.



1.1 Background of the study

Procreation is a phenomenon that ensures the survival and continuity of a nation. However, the rearing pattern of the children that are products of wedlock is a crucial task that is significant in determining the quality of citizens that make up a particular society. It is disappointing to note that juvenile cases and other social vices that characterized our society today are traceable to bad child patterns of many homes (Ogundele* and  Ojo ). Children who have passed through such homes were battered, abandoned, or abused in any other form. They were consequently toughened and eventually become liabilities to the community rather than assets. In Nigeria today, the rate of child abuse and neglect have assumed a worrisome and alarming proportion (Semenitani, 1998).Children are regarded as precious gifts from God. It is rather outrageous and unfortunate that these same children are subject to abuse and neglect.

Child neglect is themost prevalent kind of abuse and can be either physical, emotional or educational and can be intentional or unintentional. Children suffer from various forms of abuse such as child marriages, molestation, child labor, kidnapping and neglect among other forms (Olusegun, Olaitan O. and Idowu, Amos 2016). The ill-treatment of children by those who are supposed to care for them has been recognized as a major problem in child upbringing in the society. Child abuse and neglect is a prevalent problem all over the world and Nigeria is no exception. Child Abuse Prevention And Treatment Act of 1995 enacted in Nigeria defined child abuse as any behavior directed towards a child by apparent, guardian, caregiver, other family member or other adult that endangers or impairs a child’s physical or emotional