This research is conducted to identify in investigation into the contributions of personal secretaries to the operational success of the first Bank Plc, Enugu Urbain. The data for this study was collected through the use of questionnaires administered to secretaries and managers. From the data collected, the researcher was able to identify that personal secretaries will perform more effectively and efficiently if modern and adequate, equipments are provided for them and also poor office, condition reduces secretary’s level of productivity in an organization. Moreover, secretaries were of the opinion that improved remuneration and clear distinction of her duties will help bost their morale and productivity in an organization. Finally, the recommendation are that sectaries should be provided with adequate and modern office equipment to facilitate the job performed in our organization management should provide private offices for secretaries to ensure conducive working atmosphere and secretaries should be well remunerated.



The success and failure of many business organis actions especially commercial Banks depend mainly on the contribution of personal secretaries. According to the National secretaries Association of the united States of America, a secretary is defined as executive assistant who possesses a mastery of office skills, demonstrates the ability to assume responsibility without direct supervision, exercises initiative and judgement and makes decision with the scope of assigned authority. From the above definition it can be argued that a secretary is the pillar on which any business is erected.  It is vital at this stage to differentiate between a secretary and a stenographer vis-à-vis a typist. However the Dictionary of occupation took a stenographer to a person who takes dictation in shorthand and correspondence, reports and other matters, and trans cribes dictated materials using typewrite, and also performs a variety of clerical duties” a typist is one who types correspondences and may or may not be a shorthand write.

The duty  of a secretary among other things is to assist the executive and this clearly shows the importance of the office of the secretary to a level extant the operational success Banks in Enugu Urbain depends. The operational success first Bank in Enugu Urbain is among other firms struggling for proficient continuity in business.  There goods cannot be achieved if there are no able hands to handle the mails, keep records, take dictation, and receive visitors or  customers who come for business negotiations.  In the office operational success of the firms largely depends on secretaries because of the vitalts of the functions. The history of the secretaries profession could be traced to the industrial revolution which gave rise to record keeping.  Further researchers were conducted and there gave rise to the act of typing, and as time went on there arose the need to employ somebody who will take up these important secretarial functions.

John Harnson and Marcon Leishman (1989 a personal secretary as one who is responsible for the general running of an office and has an important role for the form. In receiving callers, handly telephone calles and communicating with clients duing the course of any work in the office.  She uses her own intiature to act when her boss is away and a lot of other duties essenlos for the survival. This project, however invertigaliet the contribution of secretaries to the operational success first Bank in Enugu Ubain.


Secretaryship in this part of the world is underrated because people believe that the profession is for unintelligent people and anybody that uses the typewriter and takes dictation is a secretary thereby the duties of a secretary does not go beyond typing and taking dictation and she is seen as having little or no contribution to make towards the operational success Banks in Enugu ubain. Secondly, lack of private office has been a problem that has affected the contribution of a personal secretary especially in the case of open general office, the noise of the other employees cannot allow the secretary to be effective in carrying out her duties. Thirdly, it has not been possible to determine the duties of a personal secretary form that of a clerk who can take down dictation in shorthand and type it out into a mailable capy and also efficiency and effectiveness of a personal secretary has not been will determined. In the study therefore, the researcher attempted to find out the contributions of personal secretaries to the operational success of the first Banks in Enugu Ubain.


The main purpose of the study is to Delaware the contribution of personal secretaries to the operational success of the first Bank Plc.  Enugu.


The finds of the students will be useful to does education in the training of secretaries in Nigeria.  The finds of the students, will be useful also be useful to service secretarial in Enugu state.  Because it will enable them operat the magnitude of the functions.  Training secretaries will fine the result of this study very helpful in training the school to the operations as the role.


The researcher assumes that if personal secretaries are provided with conducive work environment they would contribute to the success of commercial Banks. It is assume that if the roles of secretaries are importment to the operational and success of the bank, they will be motivated in doing that.


The following research questions were formulated to guide the study.

1.  What roles do secretaries perform in first bank Plc.

2.  How far are the secretaries capable of performing those roles in first bank plc?

3.  To what do the roles contribute to the operational success of first Bank plc.  Enugu?

4.  What problems do secretaries encounter performing those functions in first bank Plc.

5.  What recommendations in better ways secretaries would contribute to the operational success of first bank plc.