Bank Failure In Nigeria And Mordern System Of Computer Banking To Bring Improvement


Bank Failure In Nigeria And Modern System Of Computer Banking To Bring Improvement

PROPOSAL: This project was prompted by obvious dominant bank failure in the Nigeria Economy. The recent urge is to know the extent to which the financial sector affects the economic life of the people. Therefore led to the analysis, which prove the fact and various systems to checkmate the situation. This project is categorized into positive and negative effect of bank on the basis of their economic contributions, which thus, the negative effect would be highly revealed as a result of the regressional base in the Nigeria economy. The method of study measure up current abnormalities that exist in the sector using qualitative and quantitative analytical data’s as to attain its objective furthermore the presentation and analysis in chapter four revealed unethical approach in banking system and their effect in managing the system. Lastly is chapter five which drew conclusion to the project followed by the biography and index. This research work will be carried out using all internal control questionnaire from banks in strategic state in Nigeria like Enugu, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja. The research has used hypothetical data like chi-square to analyze the quantitative that concern bank fail in Nigeria.TABLE OF CONTENT


Background of the study

  1. Schedule of banks in Nigeria
  2. Objectives of bank study
  3. Justification of the study
  4. Scope of the study
  5. Structure of the study
  6. Structural changes in banks
  7. Unethical practice in banks
  8. Effect of unethical practices
  9. Checkmate of unethical practice

2.0 Legal proceedings on banks

2.1 Large scale fraudulent practices

2.2 Reasons for committing fraud.



2.3 The history of banking in Nigeria

2.4 Foreign based in Nigeria

2.5 Establishment of content bank in Nigeria

2.6 The commercial banks

2.7 Indigenous banks



Bank Failure In Nigeria And Modern System Of Computer Banking To Bring Improvement

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