Biologia na escola: uma nova estratégia de ensino


In the teaching of biological sciences, the methodological strategy of the practical class is a relevant topic, since it presents a significant contribution to the construction of the students’ knowledge, enabling the contact with reality and a more contextualized and problematized teaching. The project biological School aims to provide the interaction between the students of basic education and the graduates of the course of Biological Sciences of the Center of Higher Education of Juiz de Fora CES / JF, through the exchange of knowledge, making the process of teaching and learning. The project took place in the year 2018 and involved the participation of 36 graduates, in each event developed at Clorindo Burnier State School, Delfim Moreira State and at CAES College and Course. Biological specimens and pedagogical materials were presented in counters covering the areas of Microscopy, Cytology, Embryology, Zoology, Evolution and Botany. It is a qualitative research conducted by participant observation, analysis of reports and documents. Thus, the use of the teaching strategy through the presentation of the materials by the undergraduates provided moments of interaction and exchanges of experiences, as well as proving that the dynamics of the project transforms the school routine by associating theory and practice. The contact between the undergraduate students in Biological Sciences with the students of the basic education schools was of great importance in the formation of the future teachers bringing to the surface experiences of the school everyday. The search for new pedagogical