In this work the incidence of candidiasis was studied using selected patients of university of Nigeria teaching hospital Enugu analyzed for the presence of candidacies yeast infection. The specimens were cultured on seaboards agar and blood agar and subculture isolated were C aibicans C Tropical C Knusei C Pseudoizo P cals C paraknusei and C stellatoides. The prevalence of candidacies among patients of UNTH was monitored in terms of level of occurrence and microbial types. Also the prevalence of candidiasis infection was 40%.

Candida: This is a yeast like fungi several of which cause disease in man about 90% of infection are to candida albicans, which is normally present in mouth, intestine and vaginal it is responsible for the infection in the sites defense mechanisms (carousal 1990)
Candida abbacies usually appears as oval yeast like cell that reproduce by budding however in infected areas. Filamentous hyphare plus pseudolyphae (which consist of elongated yeast cells that remain attached to each other many also be seen the yeast is easily grown at 250c 40 37 0c on sabouraudis glucose agar and if grown on cor a meal agar at 250c the organism can produce many characteristic thick walled chlamydospore Van leeuweuhoed (2 000) candida albicans is measured about 2.5 to 4.0 wm in diameter which can gives rise to pseudomycellun, in the body it has no sexual form the body it has no sexual form in poor medic at temperature of 2b0c it produces thick wall and resting cells is about 7 to 17 m in test positive in maminaliam serum it has the ability to split urear. it is pathogenic to rabbits. guinea Pig s and with where it cause abscesses in the kidney when give intran Veroush (Eleke, 2002).
Oral candidacies oral candidacies also called oral thrush) occurs and most frequently in the new born and is probably acquired during passage through and infected vagina the yeast appears as a creamy grade membrane covering the tongue and appears able to produce disease only because of the absence of their resident normal flora (Prescott et al; 1994) if thrush has not occurred by the 3rd day of life it is likely that it will appear but it should occur which will usually disappear without treatment as other members of the normal flora are acquired
Oral thrush in order children or Adults may occur as a result of endocrine disturbance or ceutaninosis (Particularity a deficiency of riboflavin  as a complication of diabetes, as a result of poor oral hyepene or following the administration of corticosteroids or antibiotics oral thrush also occur in bottle feed infants which the magnification of my white patches cowering red raw areas of mucous mainbrace vanities , vaginal candidiasis is seen most frequents in women with diabetes, milieus deny pregnant or following prolonged antibiotic therapy. The prominent symptom is a yellow, milk, vaginal discharge yeast cells and pseudo my cell can be found on the mucous membrane and such infections may result in an intense inflammation of the entire ingunal area according to Atlas 199: 13) he state vaginal thrush in pregnant women are susceptible here with production of which discharge with a pH below 5.2. Alimentary candidacies. Alimentary candidacies may follow essentially any of the predisposing conditions listed for adult oral thrush; however the majority of cases occur as a result of prolonged broad spectrum antibiotics therapy which destroys a large part of the normal flora of the intestine. The organisms may also cause intense inflammation of the parietal region the region around the arws and may spread to the and thing cutaneous are systemic candidacies infection of the skin by Candida usually occurs in those with metabolic disorders in those whose obesity result in continuously most tools of skin or in persons in whom part of the body are kept moist under surgical dressings According to Prescott et al (1999, 18) systemic candidacies is exclusively but in debilitated person or those receiving immuno suppressor drugs Candida albicans can cause urinary trait infection endocarditis and meningitis chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis is also a rare syndrome in which the skin mucous membranes hair and nails become infected, such infections appears to occur in persons with T. cell defects manifested by their inability to respond to Candida antigens, in addition to vagina yeast infections the acid environment of the vaginal and the proliferation of normal vaginal bacterial limited its growth when the environment of the vagina changes, situations that change the environment of the birth control pills. Which often change the vaginal pH or taking bread spectrum antibiotics such as tertiary cline which kills the normal vaginal bacteria in addition, patients with Aids of uncontrolled diabetes often develop yeast infections.

To determine the prevalence of fugal infection among the patients of UNTH Enugu
To determine the prevalence of fungal infection among single and married women of different age group patient
To determine the yeast type involved.
To determine the antimicrobial sensitivity pattern of isolates involves.

This research work is limited to only patients of single and married women of different a group in hematology laboratory in university teaching hospital Enugu. The work was carried out with the use the necessary material such as early morning urine, HVS swab samples which was collected from those women vaginal

In carrying out the research work. It was so stressful for me in area like buying of my material. I used for my practices that very costly I also went to different markets to get what I want then in carrying out my particle it was not easy for me also the money I was ask was not enough for due buying of book s and transporting price that is not steady also I found it very difficult to use university teaching hospital Enugu library

Candidiasis has caused a lot of problem in our societies this days because of has the nature of the disease look like such as the discomfort it causes to people like itching which causes a lot of embarrassment to people publicly
Secondary the to candidiasis cause frequented urinating people that are suffering from the disease will not found it easy to stay in a public for a long time without being disgraced by this infection another problem with this infection is when it stays long in the body it will make the person that is suffering from it to be smelling due to severe discharge.

The study of this research topic will provide more constructor frame work to formation or creating a way of Eradicating the infection ( candidiasis it also help to educate people the cause and consequence of the infection candidacy. It will also help the communities to know the risk of staring thing that makes people to contact the disease, it will also help to provide precaution measure that will help in preventing the infection.
finally this research work will help to reduce the high rate of the disease occurrence and gives an insight into our communities

H0 The infection (candidiasis) is more prevalent in single women than married women
H1 The infection (candidiasis) is more prevalent in married women than in single women
H2 pregnancy is one of the factors that can change the pH or taking broad spectrum antibiotics.


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