1.1 Background of the study

At all spheres of human activities, political, economical, social, educational, cultural, industrial, organizational, communication is the pivot of progress, that is to say that communication is at the core of any organizational effort, indeed history is replace with example showing that mankind has always been involved in communication process’ Communication can take place within ones self (intra-personal) between two people (inter personal) groups and organizations.

Since management reaches people through communication’ it is obvious that sound human relations and effective communication are essential and communicating is a continuous activity that must occur throughout the process. Though the knowledge of organizational communication structure and relationship between employees that can enhance our interaction with the organization’

Furthermore, every businesses organization is concerned from the top down, from the bottom-up across and outside of the organization.

Effective organizational communication therefore plays a vital role in providing such non financial incentives as follows:- sense of security, recognition for good work and continuity opportunities for service and advancement as well as a sense of belonging and feeling necessary for the organization.

Cubb J. (2006) defines communication as the process of people relating to other people. As people relate to each other in doing their work and in solving problems, they communicate ideas, feelings, and attitudes. Frank U. (1985) sees communication as the process that involved all acts of transmitting message to the language and symbolic codes which are used to transmit message, this means that message are received and stored and the rules, customs and convention which define and regulate human relationships and events.

Meanwhile Green U. (1971) see organizational communication to be formal and informal communication flow within an organization, he also views communication as a coordinating conduct pipe which determine the success of any organizational effort.

Goldhabber (1976) define organizational communication as the flow message within a network interdependent relationship despite point, a few stand can be detected in the above definition

(1) Organizational communication takes place with a complex open system.

(2) It involves messages, flow, purpose, direction and media.

(iii) Organizational communication involved people, their attitude, feeling, relationship and skill.

It is imperative to note that the type any organization determines the organization.

Organizational climate here according to Solocum and Hellrillgel (I974) refers to a set attributes which cab be perceived about a particular organization and its sub-system deal with members and environment

At this juncture, it could be said that society, individual, political and organization can exists for more than a few second or days without communication.

1.2     Statement of the Problem

Communication in business organization has play a vital role in the organization could it be said that the various organization communication has helped in the development and creation of mutual understanding between the organization? Do people of Champion Breweries PLC actually communicate through the use of organization communication? To what extent is this communication has create positive impact to organization likewise the management and non-management staff.

Could it also be said that people communicate horizontally, upward, downward or Grapevine as informal network of communication? If yes, to what extent do they share meaning among themselves. To what extent do the junior staff influence positively with formal and informal network of communication system.

1.3     Objectives of the Study

This objectives of this study is to:

  1.  Find out type of communication existing in Champion       Breweries PLC.
  2. Find out how effective is communication to the organization.
  3. Find out how organizational communication brings about understanding in Champion Breweries.
  4. Identify the various organizational communication.
  5. Enhancing mutual understanding between the staffs in the

1.4     Research Questions

  1. Does communication create positive impact in an organization?
  2. Do Champion Breweries communicate upward, downward or horizontal?
  3. Does communication create mutual understanding between management and non-management?
  4. Does the management influence his staff through communication?
  5. How effective is communication to the organization


1.5     Significance of the Study

This study will be of immensely to management of an organization as well as help them to ascertain the type of communication structure to be adopted for the achievement of much desired efficiency. This study will further, unfold or reveal how the various organizational communications are of important to the organization.

Consequently, this study will be useful to students, lectures and other researchers on the aspect of communication structures in any organization devoted to change.


1.6     Delimitations of the Study