The aim of this research is to analyzed and compare the life cycle cost of alternative root covering materials, Zink coat roofing sheet materials, corrugated Asbestos cement roofing materials, concrete decked roof materials, and long span aluminum roofing materials were considered in this research work with the objectives to determine the initial cost and 4fecycle cost of each roofing materials, to establish the relationship between the dfferent roof covering materials on the basis of their lfe cycle cost implications. The need for this research is to help the client on making decision on type of roofing material to be used in building construction project on the basis of maintenance cost economy as a whole. The composition of building construction cost are made up of materials, labour, plant cost, and general overhead and profit.



1.1 Background of the Study

According to Barry (1996) Roofing materials are materials which provide thermal insulation, reduces noise provide surface for decoration diffuse light covers services pipe work used for conduct electrical wiring and also provide surface insulation from of electrical fittings, such as lamps fan alarm etc. Various materials are used for the construction of roofing materials nation world wide, for the purpose of this research life cycle cost implication of using alternative roofing materials. Materials are said to be substances from which something else can be made, the implication of using any material in construction of roofmg material is very important of cost is being considered. Apart from economical (cost) point of view there are several other factors which comple to choose a particular type of roofing material, these include aesthetic durability, low maintenance cost, thermal insulation etc. Recently advancement in technology which lead to growth of modern construction material has also compelled people into try to blend with technological advancement in roofing materials without conceding the cost implication of such materials. It has also increase in the industrial advancement in roofing materials and the need to give a client real value for his money which promotes the quantity surveyors into comparing the cost implication of using different types of roofing materials from the economic point of view. Cost implication of different types of roofing materials from the economic point of view simple mean the consequences of using an alternative roofing materials for producing a roof. The types of roof to be compared are

1n corrugated Abestos cement roofing sheet, concrete decked roof, long span aluminum roofing sheet and zinc coating steel root sheet. They all offer to a building the same function, they only differ in strength cost of construction, method of fixing and maintenance cost The result of this research will aid in making decisions on the type of roofing materials to choose for a construction of a project.