Computerization And Its Impact On Organization Efficiency.


Computerization And Its Impact On Organization Efficiency. (A Case Study Of Nepa, Abuja)


ABSTRACT: This work is a case study and examines the impact of the computer on the efficient of operation in the National Electric Power Authority NEPA Abuja.There exist a significant number of authority working on the general subject of the computer and its applications none of these literature  at least in this country, have cared to test practically how the computer effect work operations in an indigenous business especially in public corporation. This project is an organized effort to break the trend. This study comprises five chapters: – In chapter one, the problem was defined and the objective of the study was stated. Some existing and related literature is examined in chapter two. In chapter three, research design and methodology, population, sample and method are discussed. Data presentation and research result will be treated in chapter four. The discussion will cover major contributions and some problem of the computer in the authority under review. Chapter five summaries findings and based on this findings recommendation will made for future implement. Findings and recommendations will be made based on the various chapters. There also will be a conclusion based on five chapter as well as suggestion for the research that will be made in the nearest based on the research work on the chapter that are treated will also have to make notes and make  reference cornering various issues discussion in different chapter and bibliography.



  1. Introduction                                                                1
  2. Objective of the study                                                            8
  3. Statement of problems                                                            10
  4. Research hypothesis                                                    11
  5. Scoped and limitation of the study                            12
  6. Definition of terms computer                                                 13
  7. Notes and reference                                                    15


  1. Review of related literature                                        16
  2. Erroneous notion of computerization cost to NEPA 21
  3. Improper guidance and fear of failure o computer in NEPA  22
  4. Computerizing with bare hands in NEAP                  23
  5. Absence of an adequate methodology in NEPA        25
  6. Lack of high level sponsorship of computer in NEPA 27
  7. Seeing computer as a threat to the management decision makers ion NEPA such as the accountant and Auditor.                      28
  8. History of  computer and their business uses                                     31
  9. National Electric Power Authority as business entity            35
  10. Installing a computer based processing system for billing

in NEPA                                                                                             38

  1. The computer                                                                          40
  2. Types of computer                                                                  42
  3. Modes of processing                                                               45
  4. Historical prospectus of data processing                                47
  5. Conclusion                                                                                          48
  6. Notes and reference                                                                51


  1. Research design and methodology                                         53
  2. Notes and reference                                                                55


  1. Data presentation analysis and findings                                 56
  2. Sources  of document the billings of NEPA                          59
  3. Test of hypothesis                                                                               63


  1. Summary of major findings, recommendation and conclusion
  2. Summary of major findings                                                    82
  3. Recommendations                                                                              85
  4. Conclusion                                                                                          91
  5. Suggestion for future research                                                            93
  6. Notes and reference                                                                94

BIBLIOGRAPHY                                                                             95



In this introduction, we will first look at some American great men, who contributed one way or the other in today modern computer.

We will first look at Drucker who proclaimed that man should live in turbulent times. Another of his country man Bernnis has been adventurous as to suggesting that we are witnessing a break with the nowadays traditional bureaucratic style and structures contemporary industrial society.



Computerization And Its Impact On Organization Efficiency. (A Case Study Of Nepa, Abuja)

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