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The fabrication of the pilot motorized mixer in volved a preliminary computation of the durunsions of the galvanized steel used, marketing out cutting out to sizes folding, welding, assembling and painting.

The dimensions of the motorized mixer are as follows: The vessel is of 300min in diameter and 450mm in height, the conical edge of the cover is of 300mm in diameter which is formed by are welding operation.

Th vertical shaft (spindle) is of 450 mm in length and 300mm in diameter the impeller blade is 80mm in diameter 150mm in length which is marketed of the galvanized steel of 2mm thickness.

An electric motor of about 1 hp is mounted vertically in the mixer barrel.  The blades are carried and positioned at the extreme for the turning operation.

The constructional material used is locally source and is selected to suit the desired purposes such as galvanized steel which resists rusting the constructed pilot motorized mixer was tested and functioned effectively which can be compared with other important mixer in our market on terms of efficiency and cost and which has application in processing and applied industries.




The aim and objective of this project work is to carry out construction of a pilot motorized mixer for small scale production that will be suitable for detergent production, paint production, soap production e.t.c.

Pilot mixer refers to as a mixer that is small compare to industrial mixer.  The mixer installed with an electric motor can be operated automatically this the name motorized mixer.  The major components of the equipment are the vessel / casting the shaft, the impeller, baffle and the electric motor resting on it’s plat form.

In Engineering, the design of pilot motorized mixer machine has to do with consideration of the relative costs of the selected materials.

The material selected would be of good output the choice of material or selection of materials has been of high consideration.  Engineering material like metals, non metals, plastics are used in the design of mixers and has to do with the expectation of the designer and production crew.

Hence Engineering practice of fabrication with emphasis on material and cost has been the center focus of modern technology and the design of the motorized mixer.

For the purposes of this project construction emphasis on reliability, functionality and efficiency of the mixer at pilot stage has proved to be very successful which is indicative of it’s adaptability to industrial application.



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