The concept of business social responsibility has continued to evolve and expand. Today, the efficient use of resources to make profit is still seen as the primary social responsibility of business. The idea of operate social responsibility began in the early part of the twentieth century. Interestingly enough, it came from business executives who believed that corporations has an obligations to use their resources in ways that would benefits the entire society. Although, the role of business firms is that producing goods and services for a profit, social expectations of business have increased dramatically since the 1960, so that is a need for social response in order to narrow the gap between expectations and response and keep business in turn with society, while an organization is busy establishing its goals, objectives developing and executing strategies for achieving its stated purpose, it should recognize that it operates within an environment which expects it to operates in such a manner that would not disrupt its very essence.

Furthermore, there is little doubt that business must involve itself in social issue broader than producing goods and services not only because it is the best thing to do but because it is in the best interest of business. In view of these, this study narrow down to Guinness Nigeria PLC which can approximately be described as one of the most prominent and well known company in the brewery industry with branches within and outside the country. The company is the year 2002 celebrated her 50th years of corporate existence in Nigeria and the demand for its product, no doubt has continue to grow and it was indeed remain consisting high all through years. This brewery company majors in the production of small and big Guinness stout beer, harp, Gulder, spark, Malta Guinness and Satzen Brau. Guniess Nigeria PLC operates in various parts of the country until the early seventies precisely (1974) when a plant was established at Ikpoba slope in Benin city. Till this day, the company has continue to grow and it remains one of the most dominant and prominent company in the brewery industry.


According to C.C Nwachukwu (1988:227) a majority of Nigeria business organization believed that business enterprise had not shown suicient interest to their social responsibility. At present, many Nigeria businessmen’s attitude to social responsibility is characterized by the belief in the doctrine of Laizzez Fair the government is best that governs the lest. This belief has result in conflicts especially in this era where larger number of people now believe that corporations should actively pursue society responsible goal. This include reducing pollution, programme for education, public health, employees welfare, environmental protection and in calculating more safety and reliability into the produces.

Corporate social responsibility is treated within the context of this research work in relation with Guinness Nigeria PLC Benin, City activities with respect to consumers, employees shareholders and the community at large. Perception to this by both community members and management of Guinness Nigeria seems to differ based on each group preference needs, motive, values, goals and aspirations. Guinness Nigeria is constantly maximizing profit but not much attempt have been made in balancing ethics with economics. Therefore, a balance must be struck between actions of Guinness Nigeria which is profit maximization and the community wants. In the light of the above this study attempt to determine the extent to which Guinness Nigeria PLC Benin City has socially responsible to the need of it community.