1.0     Introduction

This chapter focuses on introducing the research project and the concept employed to effectively proceed on the work. At this level, the researcher is willing to state the theoretical background, statement of the problem, aim and objectives of the study, scope of the study, significant of the study, organisation of the research, and definition of keyword used in this research.

1.1     Theoretical background

Computer application has been the order of the day in many establishments in the 21st century. This is due to the fact that most organization believes in the ability of computer to process information faster with more accuracy and consistency. The application of the software development makes compute more useful and dependable in information sourcing [7].

In current downturn, traditionally managed organisations are in a dire position to redefine the way they manage their business to keep ahead of competitors. Many organisations often end up running their business with people dependency rather than process dependency. This results in inability for management to force changes during such critical stage. Enterprise Management System can be an effective tool for organisation to automate their operations and thereby helps the management to gain visibility and control over the process which can open up the opportunity to save cost in many ways [8]. Enterprise Management System is an ON premise, easy to design and implement flexible, user friendly enterprise automation system. With EMS, organization can automate and streamline all stages of operations starting from HR, Inventory, Production, and day-to-day management and all other activities. With Rapid implementation and user friendly support by the system, Organisation can realise higher levels of user adoption, low total cost of ownership and a better positive return on investment confidential [4].

The technologies used in this system development are java, derby.jav and java runtime environment. The system development is a combination of java documents, i.e. files written in java programming language and the java documents are presented to the user through any use interface application programs. It is generally composed of hardware and software systems. EMS hardware system consists of computer equipment with some external device structure in which the computer is the host of EMS. The external devices include input devices, output device and data storage and retrieval equipments. The system consists of three sub-systems which main features are data collection, editing, storage, management, processing, transformation, analysis and display of information. The database is created and access using SQL database management system.

To this end, the researcher takes the above to be mere theory that needs to be proven practically through the implementation of this system. These form the theoretical background, while the research is focused on the design and implementation of enterprise management system that can assist in managing an enterprise.

1.2     Statement of the problem

The research project statement of problems includes;

  1. Lack of inventory management system to organize and provide sales information.
  2. Lack of human resource management system to organize and provide staff information.
  3. Production management system to organize and provide product information.

It is therefore on this ground that the researcher aims at developing an enterprise management system with focus on designing software, capable of solving the above mentioned problems.

1.3     Aim and objectives of the study

The aim of this project research work is to design and develop an enterprise management system.

The objectives of the study include the following;

  1. To elaborate the concept of EMS.
  2. To design and implement a software that depicts an EMS
  3. To examine the modules of EMS.
  4. To point out the impact of EMS on information control.

1.4     Significant of the study

This research would be considered worthless if it has no significance to mankind. The following significance can be derives from this research;

  1. It will make other related organization to see the need of designing and implementing an EMS which will be derive at the end of this work.
  2. It will assist in displaying the proper, reliable and effective medium used in managing an enterprise.
  3. Finally, the research work will serve as a good reference material to other student interested in researching further on the research topic in future.

1.5     Scope of the study