1.0              Introduction

This chapter describes the theoretical background, statement of the problem, objective of the study, significance of the study, scope and organization of the study. The rest of the report is tied to the information supplied. Theoretical background entails relevant theory or theories that best unfold the knowledge behind the research work and also state its areas of contributions. Statement of the problem describes the problem a researcher is trying to solve and the need for the research on the problem. The next which is objectives of the study states relevant areas needed to work on. They are clearly listed by the researcher. Significance of the study is about the contribution(s) that the research work would make to the case study, other relevant bodies or institutions. Scope of the study implies the areas that the research covers and what it does not cover is stated clearly to avoid ambiguity. Organization of the study as the name implies, gives a brief overview of the research on how the chapters are organized. And finally on chapter one is definition of terms where a researcher defines keywords used in the study.



1.1     Background of the Study

Many schools have their own system to manage student’s registration and fee payment. Common practice is by recording the student information in a record book. Students’ information is obtained from the registration form completed by them when they registered for the first time and fee payment teller from the bank is gotten from student and record in books. This practice has some weaknesses such as the longer time to search the student profile and fee payment status, the possibility of misplacement of record book and vulnerability of student record to be accessed by unauthorized person. Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic is not free from these challenges and so this research work is considered and research to encounter them.

In education the existence of World Wide Web are changing the instructions, researches, administrations, and public services (Katz and Oblinger, 2000). Internet is today advanced technologies in the field of computers. Electronic file transfer, telecommunication and wireless networking are transferring the world from traditional registration into the new world of electronic online registration. Today many institutions have placed a variety of student registration and fee payment online. Online services allowed students to be served better, quicker, easier, cheaper, and at times and places more convenient for students (Winstion et al, 2001). Although many services and facilities provided by the school both in traditional and electronic registration are professionally similar, but yet e-learning programs face with more uncertain and confused issues. This may happen due to lack of face to face communication between the students and the schools. This research emphasizes on online student registration and online payment portal for students from the comfort of their zone and can be also used to facilitate students administration in traditional registration system.

1.2     Statement of the Problem


At my case study students registration and fee payment are still carried out manually. The problem encountered with the manual method is viewed from two perspectives, the school management problems and the student problem.

Authorities and management of different departments in Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic think that the use of computer in school administration is only for admission process and displaying list of admitted students. There is not a single computer used in the bursary and some other departments of this school. Use of computers in schools cannot be over emphasised, it can help in all kinds school administration activities. Investigation revealed that the manual method adopted in students registration and fee payment pose some problems in most schools. These problems can be arranged under the following heading:

(a)     Poor security of documents

(b)     Misplace of students files

(c)      Untimely processing clearance of students who have paid their fee

(d)     Inconsistency in student’s registration records

(e)      Poor management of student’s registration and payment information.

1.3     Aim and Objectives of the Study

The aim of this study is to improve the relationship between the manual and online student registration and payment in Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic. The objectives of the study include the following:

  1. To create an online registration for enrollees of Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic
  2. To develop an accurate and easier way of registration for the students of Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic

iii.      To generate reports needed for enrollment

  1. To provide a user friendly enrollment website in managing enrollment of old students, new student and transferees
  2. To manage fee payment information and issue clearance to students.