Culture entails the way of life of people, culture is the total way of life of people, culture can also be defines as the identity through which a particular set of people are identified. Every society no matter how civilized or uncivilized has its totality and way of life. This pattern or way of life is carried on from generation to another. It is technically and nationally impacted on the young ones through various channels of communication of which one of the outstanding is the electronic media which is the Television and Radio. Which ever way the electronic media which is the television intends to pass the message, it is important to know that it is through the media which is the television that the targeted audience can be reached.

Communication according to (NSUDE and NWOSU 2006:266) is the art through which pieces of information are related from one to another in the process of interaction.

EZIECHIN (1999:11) says that communication involves the exchanges of information and ideas. In the words of IAYAWEERA (199:17) communication is an interactive process through which persons or group of people relate to each other, share information, experience, culture and lost more NWUNELI (1985:187) see communication as the sharing of experience, which may involve two or more persons.

From the above definition it is clear that communication means basically to square information, ideas, opinion, feelings and experience between people. For communication to get to its targeted audience it must be passed through a channel which is the television. The media is divided into two parts the broadcast and the print media. It brings about something related to news, entertainment information and cultural trans mission.

According to O’SHAUGHESSY (1999:4) the media are technologically developed and economically profitable from of human communication, held in public or private ownership which can transmit information idea, entertainment across time and space to a divers group of people. Therefore through the broadcast media which is the television crucial roles are played in educating and enlightening the people on the need to uphold their culture.

LASSWELL (1948:5) Said that the fore most function of the media which is the television in any society is to provide surveillance of the environment disclosing threats and opportunity affecting the valued parts position of the community and component part within it, a reasonable media such as television should therefore be used to positioning the citizen in a way they would see the importance of their culture, thereby fighting towards promoting of their culture. The television is believed to have the capacity which can out through the barriers of illiteracy and is the overall development in the society. The perspective has been accepted by different authorities in mass Communication. From the long standing traditional change that suggest that the radio is relevant in power distribution and watching over the extent the power is negatively or positively being impacted on the people.

The mass media are significant part of the society mostly in this modern day where and when information communication technology has made the world a global village. To this effect a diverse and heterogeneous group of people are defendant. Upon the regular contact with the television for education, information, entertainment, opinion, idea, sensitization, mobilization integration among others which are in one way or the other connected to our attempt to define who and what they are.

The television transmit information to the targeted audience, this shows that they are responsible for most adjustments in the behavioral pattern  the people in the society. Sometime this adjustment take the targeted audience unaware and they find themselves trapped in the manifestation of the acquired behaviour, for instance “African youths who are faced with the relegation of African values background” (Ademola and Odetola 1985). The generally learned and shared ways of doing things that are peculiar to our society come under the shield of culture and this culture is transmitted from generation to another.

The television has used in this research work tends to shows how they affect the lives of the people in promoting culture.

This research work intends to examine the effects of cultural imperialism on the broadcast media contents with references to NTA 12 Uyo it aims at finding out if the television as a channel of mass media recognizes their obligation to the society, especially in the area of culture. Due to the fact that the culture of the people is suppose to be their identity but it is gradually fading away because we Africans ignore our culture and prefer that of the westerners.



Cultural imperialism has been integrated into the electronic media mostly on Nigeria’s television station. The practice of indigenous culture on Nigeria’s television station has not much been emphasized because of the domination of foreign culture on television screen. Also NTA channel 12 Uyo only present on screen foreign films which have rendered television viewers so addicted to them.

This study therefore is of the view that the effect of cultural imperialism on broadcast media has been confirmed and it is perpetuation the task of this study t avert future occurrence by suggesting way to curb out cultural imperialism on broadcast media contents with particular reference to NTA channel 12 Uyo.

1.3     OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY        

The objective of the study are to:

  1. Find out the extent of the practice of cultural imperialism on NTA channel 12Uyo.
  2. Find out its effect on viewers
  • Find out viewers reaction of cultural imperialism on broadcast media content of NTA channel 12Uyo
  1. Find out reason for the adoption of cultural imperialism on television screen of NTA 12Uyo



The research questions formulated were:

  1. What’s in the extent of the practice of cultural imperialism on NTA channel 12Uyo?
  2. What are its effect on viewers?
  • What are viewers reaction of cultural imperialism on broadcast media contents of NTA 12Uyo
  1. What are the reason for the adoption of cultural imperialism on television screen of NTA channel 12Uyo?



Cultural imperialism on broadcast media has always been the focus of television viewers and mass communication experts that means that this study is being framed in order to critically look on the effects both positive and negative of cultural imperialism on broadcast media contents. The study will add more to academic growth. Those that stand the chance of benefitting from it will be student of the Department of mass communication researchers and television viewers of NTA 12 Uyo.



The study’s scope is Uyo. Therefore, residents of the metropolis mostly addicted television viewers of NTA 12 Uyo will be interviewed on the effect of cultural imperialism on broadcast media contents



The research was constrained by time. This happens as a result of numerous scholarly activities that affected her such as: class assignments, test, and lectures. Also finance hampered effective smooth research as the researcher in most cases lacked the monetary background to effectively carry out her research.