• Background of the Study

Rural – Urban migration can be said to be a characteristic of developing nation of the word. It is no longer a phenomenon that can seen or noticed in the industrialize or developed world in the sense that, it is difficult to distinguished between rural and urban areas. In the sense that, what therefore exist in available urban area is partly available in rural area. Example, Uyo and Ikot Ekpene. But the case is different in developing countries, the rate of migration from rural area to urban in the developing nation is so alarming because of the concentration of all the good. School, electricity, pipe – born water, health facilities and industries in the city. The provision of what is referred to as social amenities in the urban centers constitute a factors that attract migration from rural to urban areas.

In addition, the availability of employment opportunities and others tends to bring rural – urban migration. Inspite the fact that is very necessary that we continue the development of urban centers, it is good that those infrastructural amenities which attract people to urban area be provided in the rural area, because this is one of the way to check rural urban migration.

One of the consequences of rural – urban migration is over population in which bring shortage of accommodation in urban area. Although Uyo is not yet urbanized yet still the problem of accommodation is already with the town.


  • Statement of the Problem

Since Uyo became the state capital of Akwa Ibom State a lot of people have migrated from rural areas and even from some others urban area into it. They came in search of job opportunities, apprenticeship, trading, school etc. Due to this migration of the people from different area into Uyo urban problem of accommodation started over population in the area has lead to overcrowding. Many people live in crowded area which affected the health and living standard of people.

Many house hold use kitchen and a bathroom as bedroom. For instance a standard room of 3.6m x 3.6m is now divided into two so that more people may be accommodated. The increase in the population is further manifested in the number of road side market which in variably cause traffic congestion and in most cases lead to accidents. The rapid growth in population of Uyo is mostly caused by rural – urban migration. Most of these migrant are low incomes earners or jobless people. Where there is no alternative mean of survival in town. They resort to criminal activities inhabiting slum area as their hide outs.


  • Aim/Objectives of the Study

The purpose of this research is to determine the effect of rural – urban migration on residential properties in Uyo urban.

The objectives are as follow:

  • To determine if rural – urban migration has taken place in Uyo urban
  • To examine the reasons why people migrate from rural to urban.
  • To evaluate the effect of rural – urban migration on residential properties.
  • To find out ways of reducing the rate of rural – urban migration




  • Scope Of The Study

The scope of the study is limited to the effect of rural – urban on housing in Uyo urban of Akwa Ibom State.


  • Significance of the Study

The study is significant in various ways;

  1. It will highlight the rural – urban migration and those that are dominate in the study.
  2. It will infact help to determine how best the rural urban will equate with resources and also equal distribution of essential commodities to rural and urban area.
  • This work intend to find ways or controlling rural – urban migration consequence by putting some relevant solution to the effect.
  1. Finally it will reveal the nature of interaction between population and residential property and assist in fashioning out modalities of discourage people from leaving rural area for urban.




  • Research Questions

To achieve the above aim and objective, the study intends to provide answers to question below.

  • How do rural-urban migration affect the people of Uyo Urban?
  • What are the factors making people migrate from rural to urban area?
  • Has rural-urban migration affect residential properties in Uyo?
  • How can rural-urban migration be checked?


  • Study Area

Uyo is the state capital of Akwa Ibom State which comprises of four (4) clans. Geographically in Uyo Local Government lies between latitude 5.05N and longitude 80E covering an area of 914 square kilometers. The city is bounded by Abak, Itu Uruan Ibesikpo Asutan and Etinan local government area. Physical, Uyo is flat plant sloping gently from the north toward the south. The town has two dominant lands from namely:

  • The ravine on the north eastern part of the town that forms tributary of Ikpa River.
  • Water log depression in the southern part of the town. The Climate of the area is sub equatorial is influence most part of the year by south west trade wide.

The people of Uyo local government