The research study on the effect of sales promotion on the sales of mobile phone lines (A study of MTN lines) The purpose of the study is to investigate the sales promotion in the sales of mobile phone lines MTN in Owerri Metropolis. The purpose is also to Know if customers appreciate the incentive used from sales promotion.

This research is intended to generally know the effect of sales promotion on the sales of mobile phone lines. Based on the above purpose, some treasures were reviewed to enlighten on the meaning of sales promotion.

More concise and comprehensive information were gathered through primary and secondary data which help to elaborate more on this project topic, on the area of population and detaining of sample size and the method in questionnaire distribution.
Data collected were analyzed and the following findings were made that there is a significant relationship between programme timing and success of sales promotion. The finding also revealed that there is a significant relationship between successful attainment of sales promotion and values of sales promotion and customer appreciation.

Finally, the findings summarized and the following recommendation we made that the mobile phone line (MTN) should take time and plan, design and appreciate sales promotion progamme and offer incentive that can lead to quick responses from consumers.




Sales promotion is one of the elements of promotional mix. It is a short- time incentive use by marker or producers to include or lure customers to buy their product.

Sales promotion is an indirect from of the promotion al mix used to stimulate and guide action. It is a set of the promotional activities that stimulates consumers purchasing and dealers effectiveness. Sales promotion is intended to aid both consumers pull and dealers push it holds a middle ground between advertising and personal selling. It is usually not directed at much longer ground than a typical personal selling efforts, sales promotion can only last for about two months to six months. This means that it can only last over a limited period.
Sales promotion creates something execrate that can arouse interest, offer a buying desire, spark- off an immediate reaction from the audiences; Adirka, Ebue, and NNolin (1996).It is used to retain customers and to attract new ones. These activities are also use to create store traffic. This is because these short terms incentives are being offered free of charge. These activities are thus categorized into consumer sales promotion techniques in terms of their consumer and dealer focus. Customer pill promotion techniques are such activities like sampling price incentive, contest, premium etc while trade push promotion techniques are such activities like merchandise allowance, money bonuses and gifts. Management assistance like training.

Sales promotion is a tool used by manufacturers to include sales with a short time.
Having looked at the background of this study from the perspective of the concept of sales promotion and relating it with the case study of the groups to be surveyed, the researcher wishes to proceeds on the backgrounds of MTN lines in Owerri the MTN lines deals with the production in telecommunication world. These firm found themselves as a rival to other lines like Econet, Globacom and M- Tel etc in the Volatice environment today.