1.1  Background of the Study

Knowledge of the past forms the basic for an understanding of the present and the future.

Many people believe that public relation does have a history which like that of other professions follows a logical line of sequence.

In recent years, there have been such studies of related fields propaganda and public opinion. (Examples of public opinion in the World history) by professor Wilhelm Bank of the University of Vienna which was published in 1930.

The origin of public relations dates back of earliest times. Anthropology tells us that about the relationship between leaders and their followers of early man, people soon recognized the necessity for inter-relationship, power, authority and social control which were manifested long before recorded history. There have always been leaders of their followers.

Those relationships first centered around the religion and the government authority vested in leaders. Folkways and customs were more important them individual opinion, but leaders even then had the awareness of their public relationship.

The three main elements of public relations are practically as the society, informing the public, educating the people and integrating the public of coursed, the means and methods accomplishing these ends have changed as the society changes.

Men first communicated by signals, then by speech and later by writing. After writing evolved various types of mechanical services which were such development. They were also employed to express and would opinion.

In primitive society, leaders controlled their followed through the use of force, intimidations and persuasions.

When these means were not effective, the leaders decisions were rendered valid through tetem, taboo and supernaturalism. As the twentieth century got underway, the fabulous expansion of industry, the decline of rural opportunity, and the rugged individualism gave way to modern public relations.

The industrialists produced a revolution in public opinion, which then embark upon a request for change. Discounted workers, farmers and reformers developed new public relations that affected political and social change as well as the industries as a whole.

This is a research project on the effect of public relations strategies on productivity in manufacturing industries, using Champion Breweries PLC, Uyo as a case study.

Champion Breweries company Plc engage with the production of champion beer and champ Malta. The company was incorporated in March, 1979. The factory is located at the industrial layout along Aka Obot Idim Road in the out Skirt of Uyo metropolis, Akwa Ibom State. It has an installed capacity of three thousand bottles of beer per hour. The factory is expected to operate three shifts of eight hours a day for both beer and Malta.

Test productive began in 1979 with the company questionnaires and direct interviews due to high cost of transportation form the researcher school to the company which the researcher used as a case study.


1.2  Statement of the Problem

The major concern of any enterprise is to be successful. In the present economy, where competition is keen, companies and institutions depend on their creative production and more especially on public goodwill, to be able to make profit and stay in business.

The stories of industries and enterprises are multi-directional and problems are equally diverse. In recent past, from newspaper stories, magazine features, seminars and symposium papers, indications are that some companies are certainly showing greater studies and recording substantial profits, while at the same time some are either operating at a loss or are in the process of fowling up.

One of the reasons usually advanced in favour of the successful enterprise is the fact that such industries depend most especially on effective public relations.

Perhaps, while the later may be so, there are those other opinions which attribute success to other variables in the business chain, than just effective management and public relations. The reason being that there are enterprises or business without evolving any form of organized. Public relations practices, therefore, can the success of the Champion Breweries Company Plc be attributed to its public relations activities what are those activities and what makes them successful.

How does management perceive and threat public relations functions in the company. Is it incorporate in the management philosophy as an administrative function or as a functional role. In this study, the essence is to assess the relationship between effective public relations practice and success in manufacturing enterprises. And for the reasons, the Champion Breweries Company was presented as a case study.


1.3  Objective of the Study

With the above problem this study in specific terms sought to:

  1. Identify the public relations practice and strategies in Champion Breweries Plc, Uyo.
  2. Ascertain the contribution and directions of public relations in the organization
  3. Find out the relationship between public relations and the achievement of organization objectives
  4. To ascertain the effect of public relation strategies on organization productivity.

1.4  Research Questions

  1. What are the public practices and strategies in Business operation of an organization?
  2. What are the contribution of public relations towards productivity in an organization
  3. What are the relationship between public relation strategies and the achievement of organizational objectives.
  4. Is there any effect or impact of public relation strategies on organization performance towards productivity.


1.5  Research Hypothesis

Ho: There is no significant relationship between public                      relation and organization objectives

HA: There is significant relationship between public relation               and organization objectives

Ho: Public relation strategy does not have impact on                        champion breweries company Plc, Uyo

Ho: Public relation strategy have impact on                      champion breweries company Plc, Uyo


1.6  Significance of the Study

In concluding the research the researchers quite appreciated that the study could be of immense help to the management to help them realize their public relations strategies on productivity, on their business operations.

The study could also be of significant help and assistance to other business organizations in Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria at large.

The study findings would be useful