This research work centers on  Effective Communication as a tool for achieving organizational goal the researcher examined the historical background of the study and the subject matter, the objective, significance and the scope of the research was well examined in the first chapter. In the second chapter the researcher was able to reveal some selected views of authors on what  are Effective Communication is, the basic concepts, systems, process, characteristics of communication flow, importance of the study as well as the used in any business organizations. The researcher highlights the method of data collection and also the instrument used in analyzing data. The data gathered were analyzed in chapter four and hypothesis formulated was tested.reveal several gaps in the literature that should guide further research, including both treatments and peb that have not been tested.The researcher finally draws conclusions thereby rendering relevant recommendations among which it is recommended that management should ensure that information does not go into distortion by minimizing the chain of information dissemination channels. 




Basically, communication touch every sphere of human activity, it informs or better still disseminate information/message to target audience. One of the peculiarities of the human race is communication among the members of the society. Communication is an essential attribute of human behaviour . In deed, communication is perhaps man’s most important singular activity because every other human activity  revolves around communication.

Animals and trees also communicate, but it is man’s ability to create symbol, ascribe meanings and interpret messages that elevate him above the status of the lower animals and gives form and character to his existence. All organizations encourage effective communication by having established channels (formal and informal) of transmitting information to people. In all enterprises, effective organization channel is required to transmit company policies, programmed, rules and regulations. It is also required in dealing with customers, regulatory agencies and the generals public. It is through good communication with business owners, board of directors, management, peers and subordinates that an organization maintains goodwill, grows and waxes.

Communication also serves as an instrument of social interrelation. It help us understand ourselves, to keep in touch with other people, to understand them and to  predict their response to situation, its means by which power is acquired, exercised and sustained. It is the medium through which relationship are established, extended and maintained, it provides a means by which people in business policies make decision and management and materials. In business and industry, communication helps to orient workers to work with one another and to achieve the good goals of the organization, and it is the means by which such goals can be pursued, attained sustained and improved.

It is the lubricant that keep the machinery of an organization functioning. It is the means through which roles are identified and assigned, it is the life blood of an organization.