For so many years, the Niger Delta Region has been oppressed by the Military and Civilian Government. This research work examines the effect of Militancy on the Development of the Nigeria states. It relied on secondary source such as books, journals, newspaper articles. It focuses on damage and the negativity as a result of the operation of the militant. Also attempt on how the crises can be solve. This is mainly by creating Jobs and equitable sharing of the resources. The research therefore recommends that the administration of YarAdua should as a matter of urgency create a welfare package people of Niger Delta by creating Jobs and building of industries in the region.



 Niger Delta struggle has never ceased to throw up all kinds of character. The agitation for better treatment of this oil – bearing region has yielded the likes of Harold Dappa Biriye, Adako Boro, Henry Okah, better known as Jomo Abomo (Ademola, 2009. 30).With the arrest of Henry Okah, while on a mission to buy fire arms in Angola, Government Edpoemupolo, alia Tompolo, is easily the most dreaded and influential warlord in the Niger Delta region today (Ademola 2009). The fear of Tompolo is the beginning of wisdom and even governors deters to him in the interest of peace (Ademola,2009).The criminality that reign in the Niger Delta in form of oil theft, kidnapping of expatriate oil workers, fellow Nigerians and Sabotage of oil installations has made Angola to overtake Nigeria as Africa’s biggest oil producer. (Tokunbo, 2009. 34).In the Niger Delta Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) is the largest oil and gas; exploration and production in joint venture with Nigeria National Petroleum Co-operation holds 5%, Shell 30% and Agip 5%. The company, Shell Petroleum Development Company was granted an exploration license in1938, and discovered the first commercial oil field at Oloibiri in the Niger Delta in 1956 leading to the first export of oil in 1958. (Ogbe, 2006). The Niger Deltans are people living in the coastal area of the country. This people are naturally blessed with mineral resources especially oil. The oil is supposedly to be blessing to the people in the region, but with what is happening now in the region, the reverse is the case. Violence and criminality in the Niger Delta has escalated since the country returned to democratic rule in 1999. Why because of marginalization. The Niger Deltans are mostly farmers and fishermen. Since oil exploration began, damages have been done to the aquatic life of the plant, farm product and fish in the rivers as a result of oil spillages in the area. With this operation, the people of Niger Delta region mostly, those living in the creek have been affected and they are not finding it easy. Many of them are suffering from lack of food, no good road, no water even electricity, it was as a result of this that the people began to cry of “what is the meaning at this”? And marginalization in the Niger Delta areas, over 90% of the substance and revenue generation of the country is derived from the Niger Delta region (Adebanwi, 2001). Unfortunately, many of them are living in abject poverty and cannot afford three square meals in a day. These issues of neglect have been on for decades, and this has put the Niger Delta region in depth crisis of monumental proportion. This crisis is manifested in various forms. Pipeline vandalization, killing and kidnapping.(Ademola 2009).Apparently, the issue of militancy in Niger Delta recently took serious effect since the inception of democratic rule since 1999. It was absolutely when the then government of Delta state started making emphasis on resource control; these actually opened the eyes of the boys. “That was the origin of the problem in Niger Delta” (Nwosu 2009). The people of the Niger Delta are facing a lot of problems. The harm has been done with this entire concession thing, over the years, armed groups have emerged, a greater share of Nigeria oil wither for oil bearing communities in the region. Among the major groups is the Niger Delta people volunteer force (NDPVF) led by Alhaji Mujaahid Asari Dokunbo who was incarcerated and charged with treason under the administration of then president Olusegun Obasanjo (Nwosu, 2009

1.1 Statement of Problems

The prevailing crises and war – like situation in the Niger Delta most especially in the creek has been so tensed that, one has to be very careful in analyzing the cause and effect. The militant operation in the Niger Delta has made thing not to be working out well and this has affected the nation economically, politically and socially (Ogbe, 2009).This observation remains true, whether the government like it or not. The paper will therefore provide answers to the following questions. What is responsible for the up surge in militancy activities since 1999 till date? • Who are they? And what do they want? • What are the ways forward?

1.2 Objective of Study :

The broad research of this project work is to examine the cause in the rising militancy activities in the Niger Delta. Other objectives are: i. To know, to investigate who these people are and what they want. ii. To create awareness on the government and militancy on the danger of crisis. The emergence of armed groups in Niger Delta has led dire consequences on the country. In fact, the political, economic consequences arc enormous. According to recent report by the technical committee on the Niger Delta, Nigeria lost N3 .9 trillion, about ($23.7 billion), oil revenue to the militant between January November 2008 N3.3 trillion of the amount represent loses, which resulted from production shutins, pipeline vandalization oil theft, better known as illegal oil bunkary. Nigeria also $3 billion to sea pirate between Januarys to July 2008 (Olajide, 2009). Also the Nigeria crude oil production has gone down by at least 20 percent, as some major oil firms in the region have been forced to close down production at some of its facilities. At other times, rampaging militant, who are well armed, bombed such facilities of cause, these development result in the country not being able to keep up its crude oil export quota for several mouths. The image of the country has also been dealt with as devastating blow by the hostage taken and kidnapping of expatriate oil workers and their local counterparts. The situation is that not too many foreigners are willing to step on Niger Delta, in July, the United State president, Barrack Obama is visiting Lina in the Africa visit, the first American president embarking on, Nigeria was not mentioned, these is as a result.

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