1.1 Background of the study

 Certain cardinal factors determine the success and growth of any organization one of the factors is the personnel department in any given organization. Personnel policies and programmes are usually initiated and formulated by the personnel department headed by personnel Director Manager or industrial Relation Officer, ass the organization denies fit.

The functions of this personnel department linger on the above area of concern in an organization. It is therefore pertinent to point out here that a well concerned set and effective implementation of personnel policies help the management to achieve the co-operate objective of an organization.

These policies being formulated should be in line with the organization culture and those of the business environment. The concept of this culture is important to our modern managers as it goes a long may to unlace the organizational structure, leadership philosophy selection discipline, salary and wage administration among others.  This culture compliments interest in division with a given society or its subdivision. Effect of personnel policies on organizational effectiveness, case study of Innoson group of companies, Nnewi on which this research is being carried out. In past, many profit and non-profit recited enterprise did not realize the important role personnel department play in realizing the organizational objectives.  The major functions then were that of welfare services.

 But in the recent past, personnel started to be recognized as a major tool in achieving thee co-operate objectives of any organization. These function now include, initiation and to the management and development and training, recruitment and selection, salary and wage administration, relations, promotion and disciplines e.tc.

Many organizations now cannot successfully operate wit house noble roles performed by the personnel department. A good set of personnel policies if well implemented answer greater organizational effectiveness. This is the more reason why the personnel department is not given a pride of place in any organizations policy formulation. Some initial areas as seen under the personnel department functions are usually taken into consideration. The culture of the people and society is also considered so that more effective and goal-oriented policies are made.

The researcher’s study of Innoson group of companies, Nnewi will show the various effects of personnel policies on the organizational effectiveness.

1.2    Statement of problems

The main objectives of this study are to provide a suggestive solutions to the problems associated with the initiation formulation and implementation of personnel policies in organization.

          The end of the project shall provide us with the system that can be used to achieve the following objectives.

(1)  To create awareness for managers of organization on the various personnel policies and their effects.

(2)  To assist our modern manager / entrepreneurs of business organization on the most effective way of formulating and implementing policies to achieve the set objectives.

(3)   To create awareness on the need for training and development of manpower in order to adapt to new changes and policies in an organization.

(4)             To provide warmly signals on some of the ineffective policies that may not serve the purpose sought for due to the following: