Road construction and maintenance is an important desire for development especially in developing countries, market accessibility, economic growth, natural resource exploration, habitat fragmentation, deforestation and the disappearance of wild life are all related to road existence and status. Road constructed and maintained that collapse upon the need of local society and their extension in the country. Also the priority of investment (political needs, industrial stations, or agricultural habitats and zones) is address when decisions usually taken for new construction of roads and for maintenance.

Road transport is the moving engine for other sectors and activities in developing countries. It provide access to industry, agriculture, investment, health services, and education through providing of goods and passengers. And the lack of good roads or the existence of poorly maintained or poor conditions of roads are barriers to the development and investment in developing countries.

The accurate and sensitive prediction of rutting development is an essential element for the efficient management of pavement system by poor testing and maintenance to keep road in a good condition. Road defect are visible evidence of an undesirable and avoidable conditions in the pavement affecting serviceability, structural conditions or appearance,performance and function. Also, the definition of ROAD DEFECT includes, any part of a road, highway or construction site that does not meet regulation for safe roads. In addition to that; road defect are most often causes injuries to the people or damage to vehicle that include; inadequate roads shoulders, lanes that are uneven, pavement that uneve, improperly marked sign malfunction stop construction negligence and municipal negligence. OKIKBO,(2012).