Fraudes In Nigeria Banks (Analysis And Solutions)


Fraudes In Nigeria Banks (Analysis And Solutions)


ABSTRACT: This work is designed to examine the assessment of the role of the mass media in anti-corruption campaign. It is organized into five very instructive chapters. Chapter one deals with the background, statement of the problems, research questions and hypotheses, assumptions and limitation of the study among other things. Chapter two is devoted to the review of relevant materials in the area of study. Chapter three contains the methodology while chapter four concentrated on data analysis and the results of the findings. Also chapter five gives a brief summary of the work. Through these chapters, the objectives of the study was in that the researcher not only found that the mass media are indispensable but they are also powerful in their influence.


This research was done to bring to light various frauds in Nigeria banking system, having analyzed the rate and incidence of fraud, causes, forms and solutions. However, this research discussed frauds in chapter as follow

Chapter one: Highlights on the objectives, importance of the study of the causes of frauds, analysis and solution of frauds, the statement of problem, hypothesis formations and definition of frauds.

Chapter two: Deals on the review of literature on frauds in Nigeria banks and foreign banking system, causes of frauds the effect and preventive measures.

Chapter three: Reveals the study area as regard to frauds in Nigeria banks, this was done by employing some sampling methods in the investigation in achieve the aim.

Chapter four: This gives the overall view of the presentation of data and all the analysis involved using interview and questionnaire method.

Chapter five: Discussed the summary, findings recommendation and conclusion



  2. Objective of the study
  3. Significance of the study
  4. Statement of study
  5. Hypothesis formulation
  6. Scope and limitations of the study
  7. Definition of terms



Fraudes In Nigeria Banks (Analysis And Solutions)

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