• Background of the Study

Human resources management comprises of personal management and industrial relation. The human resource of an organization is therefore a significant resources of a distinctive competence that requires to be managed sustained and planned for in it is the organization will survive and grow to be able face future challenges. This is so because the human resources of an enterprise are the most active variable that activates the passive or inactive resources like capital and material in organization to achieve result. (Inyang, 2002)

According to Grand and Smith quoted by Inyang (2002), human resources of an enterprise is the most difficult to obtain, the most expensive to maintain and the hardest to retain. This is largely due to the complexity and unpredictability of human behavior. Hence, good corporate governance for productivity requires good corporate governance for productivity requires a god understanding and training in the behavioral sciences.


The personal department is primarily concerned with people at work. It has its head the personal manager who coordinates the department and liaises with other department. Therefore it may be regarded as a staff department that aided other department and coordinate human resources of the enterprise.

Nwachukwu (2007) pointed out that organization deals with people and their relationship in an enterprise. It is the organization that determines the type of people required and their relationships.

Thus the type of personal and structure required in a hospital is different from the personal and structure required in a weaving enterprise or a university. Organizing is a process of creating an organization structure to achieve objectives. This issue, the personal department of an organization according to Inyang (2002) offers the following range of service recruitment, selection and placement, employee welfare, health and safety, industrial relation and personnel research. These service forms the core component of personnel management and forms issues around around which personnel policy revolves.

According to Wikipedia (2011) a personnel policy is a plan of action a set of proposals and action their dealings with employees. The policy therefore provides guidelines for a variety of employment related issues as recruitment, selection, training, promotion, wages, collective bargaining, individual relation etc. a personal policy on training and staff development opportunities for employees to utilize the full potential in the organization. Human resource development therefore simply refers to training and staff development, which is the sector of the personal function.


  • Statement of the problem

This study is centered on human resources development as it affects the productivity in the public service. It is therefore hoped that, this could help government in planning and decision making and also make it possible and productivity in public service.


  • Objectives Of The Study

The objectives of this study are as follows:

  1. To examine the human resources development technique in the public service.
  2. To establish the nature of reunions existing between human resource development and productivity in the public service.
  3. To find out if productivity in public service can be improved without human resources development.
  4. To examine the best ways to train employees.
  5. To explore and understand the extent to which human resources development can affect the productivity in public service.


  • Research Questions

The following research question will be considered

  1. Does human resources in any way contribute to workers productivity in public service?
  2. Is there any significance relationship between human resources and worker to satisfaction?
  3. Does the Uyo local government embark on human training and development programmed?
  4. Uyo Local Government examined the role of human resources their development on function?
  5. Does should retirement scheme be introduced to Uyo Local Government?
  6. Does human resources development motivate workers in Uyo Local Government Area?


  • Research Hypotheses

     The following research hypotheses shall be considered:

Ho: There is no significant relationship between human resources development and productivity in a public service.

H1: There is a significant relationship between human resources development and productivity in a public service.

Ho: Human resources development does not in any way contributor worker productivity.

H1: Human resources in anyway contribute to workers productivity in public service.


  • Significance of the study

This research is intended to help corporate managers.

Personnel managers, trainers of human resources of an enterprise lecturer, companies involved in human resources department and institution involved in human resources development.

Such as:

  1. The administrative staff college of Nigeria (ASCON).
  2. The institution of higher learning as well as researchers and students alike
  3. Others having interests in recommendation here in made useful in knowledge acquisition and organization development.