Our society is dynamic and not static. It is a living organism. The development of effective filing system has assisted and greatly affected the keeping of record. It is against this background that the research has chosen the topic” Impact of an effective filling system in an organization” (A case study of Zartech Nigeria Limited, Ibadan).
The introductory aspect of this research will highlight the effective filing system. It is expected that the research work will consist the manager staff and readers in the proper manner of keeping their records. Also it is aimed at analyzing the various steps to be used in filing documents. However, in this course of this research, necessary literature would be consulted and paragraph.
The project has been made to examine the impact of effective filing system in an organization.
The researcher elaborates ways through the administration of using sampling techniques to respondents such as filing clerks.
The testing of hypotenuses was duly carried out, as many revelations were made through the response of the respondents.
Based on my research, some conclusions were made which will hopefully improve to a great extent of the “Impact of Effective Filing system in an organization”.

Business organization in the world cannot survive without keeping its record without proper record is essential for the continued existence and successful operation of the organization. In today’s business, important decisions and policies are based upon the availability and up-to-date information through proper and effective filing of documents.
The risks are too great for the executive decisions to be based upon hear-say or rumors therefore, a business man cannot hope to remain in a field that is competitive without a comprehensive and sufficient information system.
A sole business has little need for filing as the information is either booked or recorded in his mind. However, as the business grows into partnership into public limited company, there will be increase on the volume of paper. The modern office is defined with various documents in forms of letter, sales of bulletin orders, way bills, wages record, delivery note, remittance, cheque, statements of account, or received from credited customers and governments’ agencies. Most of these records may be requiring in future for references.
If these records are not properly kept, it may be difficult to get them when they are needed for any action.
As every organization received and sent out great deals of correspondence every day, these documents are kept where they can be in the future through the process of filing. Communities of modern days rely greatly on filing. It is important for business, social clubs or activities government.
Filing is the activity relating to the organization and which are kept for future purpose. They are predicted for the continued and successful operations of firms. The keepings of file are memory of an organization. It is followed by terms, which bore an important filing, find it impossible to continue operating. More so, an organization that overlooked the importance of filing system will disorganize and get crumble for example, developed countries like USA, UK, to mention just few of them could attach their development to onward improvement upon what has been achieve in times past rough ages by being able to handle the kings and scribes, applications of machine and equipment data management and improvements on them.
It is therefore imperative for any organization to take a very good care of its record by grouping them as they are produced daily, weekly, and monthly and so on, into different categories according to the needs of their preservation.
As a result of the above, the sufficient of running of an office depends widely in the existence of a good and effective filing system manned by competent staff and aided by s good indexing system through the use of files.


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