1.1             Background of the study

Human resources must be the appraisal of the goal of the organization and established that a managers job is to achieve result through the effort of the people in order words a manager motivates his men to work in such a way that will permit the achievement of predetermined result. It is therefore for his reason that the purpose of this study was to investigate into how performance appraisal of employee can bring about increase in productivity and human resources development to investigate the various employees’ techniques, examine the general guideline for an effective appraisal problem of employee at Abia State Ministry of Land.

According to Nwachukwu (2007), the essence of performance appraisal is to give information for the promotion, transfer, pay the incensement, training and development and discharge of an employee. According to Ubeke (1975, P230) the exercise require co-operation and term effort on the part of the manager and the employee under him. Therefore, the first task of the managers is to decide with the main objective of his development with the frame work of the co-operative objective.

Despite the multiplicity and complex nature of many training and educational program most development occur on the job (Flippo, 1980. p 203) but such development according to him is scored and less effective if the appraised and feedback information concerning his/her quality of performance. In general according to Flippo (1989 p. 230)

It can be said that the choice is among there possible approaches:

(i) A casual, unsystematically and often haphazard appraisal.

(ii) The traditional and highly systematic measure of

(a) Employee Characteristics

(b) Employee contribution of characteristic

(c) Mutual government setting through management by-objective     performance.

Therefore, with good evaluation and appraisal system those who contribute most will be adequately rewarded and the right people are likely to be promoted into higher responsibilities.

(Ubeke 1975 p. 239). Appraisal can therefore be defined as the observation and evaluation of an employees work behavior or the result of that behavior by one usually the employee’s supervisor.


1.2 Statement of the Problem

The problem of the employee performance appraisal and productivity is inadequate training and development of the employee in an organization thereby bring out poor performance in the work place which also affects the productivity of such organization.

The problem of performance appraisal is quite clear since performance has to do with human personal working in the build system to attain levels of designed the productivity of the organization.

Most at times when employees are adequately trained it affects the productivity of the organization and in other word lack of technical or specialized staff in an organization bring about how productivity in organization thereby degrading the resources of the organization and such company cannot meet the challenges or abreast of what other competitors achieve. Admittedly, training and development are major sources of solution to performance problem.

These will certainly solve those problems for instance, organization chart and work distribution chart can also improve performance.

Appraisal has to do objectives in order that improved pursuance and human resources could be developed.

Certain basic issues have to be clarified as to whether the staffs were given enough tools to work with.

1.3 Objective of the Study

As earlier stated appraisal serves as the basic of management actions such as salary administration, decision determination. loyalty, promotion and participation in training. In the other hand, appraisal is an important mechanism for management to use in clarifying performance goals standard for management to use in motivating future individual performance.

The purpose of this study is to:

(a) To investigate how employee performance appraisal can enhance improved performance and human development in Abia State Ministry of Land.

(b) Investigate various employees appraisal techniques used in the company for study.

(c) Discover the procedure adopted in implementing performance at Abia State Ministry of Land.

(d) Find out the benefit of appraising employee at Abia State Ministry of Land

(e) Enlighten the manager on how to appraise and evaluate workers in the organization to increase productivity

(f) Make suggestions on how to improved employee performance appraisal and productivity measuring at Abia State Ministry of Land

(g) Change the nature of managers from being appraise less oriented.


  1. 4 Significance of the Study

It is envisage that at the completion of this research, the finding may be of immerse benefit to the following:

(i) The Management of Abia State Ministry of Land

This study could enable the current management team to discover certain inefficiency and efficiency buried in previous year’s performance appraisal in the application and measuring of the productivity in the organization.

(ii) The Government of Abia State

The study might enable the government to identify those factors that can lead to success or failure of Abia State Ministry of Land and any other organization which may attribute to performance appraisal and productivity measurement.

(iii) Other Researchers in Similar Discipline

It may be of help to other researchers within and outside this institution (Uyo City polytechnic, Uyo) even above this level of National Diploma (ND). A researcher might use the study as a source of reference when conducting a further research on similar problem or related field.

(iv) Economic Community of A Company

Managing the economy of the company will enable the management of the company to precede especially those point earlier mentioned in developing effective and efficient employee performance appraisal and productivity of Abia State Ministry of Land. Sue and be sued also, these view point are not only reasoned for having appraisal system, but they do indicated a wide variety of purpose.


1.5 Research Questions

(a) Does performance appraisal serves as a tool for measuring the productivity of an organization

(b) What are the methods adopted in Abia State Ministry of Land to appraise the performance of an employee?

(c) Do staff of Abia State Ministry of Land have a positive reaction toward performance appraisal?

(d) Is there any relationship between performance appraisal and organizational productivity?

(e) Is there any relationship between performance appraisal and management-by-objectives (MBO)?

(f) What are the factors militating against effective and efficiency application of performance appraisal in Abia State Ministry of Land?


1.6 Research Hypotheses