1.1     Background of the Study

Today’s business environment is very dynamic and undergoes a change as a result of technology innovation increased awareness and demand from customers. Business organization especially the banking sector of zest century operate a complex environment characterize by those changing condition and highly unpredicted economic.

Information and communication technology (ICT) is at the center of this global change. The adoption of (ICT) is defined as the collective terms for the wider any of soft wards, telecommunication and information management techniques, application and devices that are used to create analyzes and produces.

In essence the importance of information and communication technology is banking in itemized through information and communication technology industry. Effective service deliveries in information banking about reduce frustration and improved level of awareness in an organization.

Information and communication technology has continue to change the way banking and their cooperate relationship are organized worldwide exchange the speed and quality of service delivery. Ezeamama (2000) reported that information and communication technology refers to the various way that enhance the creation, storage, processing communication and dissemination of information, it involve the different infrastructure used in these process their application and numerous service. In 2007 annual report, the bank reported that the department made steady progress on it effort to effectively use of information and communication technology  as radically  changing all over the world.

The volume and speed of reading transaction has improves tremendously as a result of the growth in information and communication technology which has created a lot of business opportunities. Application of information and communication technology is capable of enhancing optimal performance in service delivery if appropriately carried out. Utilization  of facilities might be achieved if the design is done based on clear understanding  of how information  and communication technology can be applied for performance in Banking sectors, various computerization activity going on in the banking sector which has been accredited to the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in running activities in the bank.

They study is to look at the effect which (ICT) has been an increased to the banking sectors. Also to find it out the information and communication technology has really improved the productivity of the banking sector compared to when it was not being  used. As such information and communication technology in banking makes used of modern. Satellites communication facilities and different mode of transportation technology banking is thus high capital – based organization which has networking being sped by using modern sophisticated equipment.

1.2     Statement of Problem

Traditionally, banks are custodians to the people’s money. In recent times, however, banking business and function have expanded tremendously. These include deposits, lending financial advice, stock exchange, share brokering etc. All these required an enormous amount of processing and storage of data as well as communication.

Customer of first generation banks like union bank, first bank and even later days banks like Afrik banks, cooperative development banks can testy tot eh fact that it was herculean task to withdraw cash fro banks. Often, it took a whole day.


1.3     Objectives of the Study

  1. To ascertain the extent to which ICTs have been integrated into banking operation.
  2. To ascertain how ICTs have improve efficiency in the bank.
  3. To ascertain how ICTs have aided productivity in the performance of the banks.

1.4      Research Question

  1. To what extent has ICTs been integrated into banking operation?
  2. Have ICTs improved efficiency in first generation banks.
  3. To what extent have ICTs aided productivity in the performance in the banking sector?


1.5       Scope of the Study

The study is limited to the bank in Uyo; it deals specifically with selected banks such as Fist bank plc, UBA, Keystone PLC, Zenith Bank branches. The study is limited to how ICTs are used to impact efficiency.


1.6        Significant of the Study

This study aims at bringing to the fore the needs for Nigerians in all fields of profession to adopt and apply ICTs in their various field of or better result. The researcher will also nightline the significant of ICT in the field of communication.

The study will be a reference to bankers who seek to improve their services. This work may be part of what banks in Uyo and Nigeria need to reposition for optima