• Introduction

The past fifteen years or more, the world has played host to a lot of technological innovations or function value to the mass media. With these innovations came so alternations or change in the world.

Electronic communications involve the process by which message is sent across the globe through the use of computer, telephone. Unlike the fax system which allows one page of text to be transmit at a tone, electronic communication facility allows several pages of messages to be transmit to a gateway where they can be distributed to their various distributions. Furthermore, electronic communication involves any of several forms of information exchange between two or more computers through any of several methods of interconnection such as telephone line, satellite etc. This communication mode is rapidly spreading throughout the world as a fast, reliable and in most application and in expensive form of communication. It is fast and inexpensive because it can use existing public telephones lines.

The history of communication and information technology dates back the Shakespearian “ACTA Diura” that is the first hall mark of readable and persuadable information invention successful and any glaring society is dynamic and so is the communication world.

As society continue to grow more and more horizons were explored and the opportunity to create something new. The present after that of the British with the primary aim of being a masters to pass out information and command to their subjects. Over the years, the broadcasting industry metamorphosed with changing western technology. The world is fast becoming a global village through the new communication; culture has been reduced into a more minute particles capable being held by our hands.

According to Uche (1989:pg101) “Nigeria posses one of the world most exciting press system.” It is really the birth of information super­­­ high waves.

However, the Nigeria electronic media are under a hectic and trying situation where the simplistic. Perception of the mass media as facilitators of mass communication and their sophisticate function as social actions are seen as exercising great influence in the life of any society or nation

Importantly, technology plays a vital role in the broadcast media or any mass media in Uyo (Nigeria). In the light of this fact, the Uyo broadcast media employs the use of these new communication technologies which include computer internet, satellite cable system, electronic mail (E mail) and fax system among others.

New communication technology, including accessible online publishing software and evolving mobile device technology means that citizens have the potential to observe and report more immediate than traditional media out let’s do.

Swarms of amateur online journalist are putting this technology to use, on open publishing sites such as in day media and on countless weblogs, adding a grassroots dimension to the media landscape. Bloggers and other amateur journalists are scoping mainstream articles, which people who have been mark subjects of news articles are responding online, posting supplementary information to provide context and counter points. Increasingly the public is turning to online sources for news, reflecting growing trust in alternative media.

The computer communications are both progressing towards a compatible and useful co-existence perhaps that is why Oeffinger (1989) called it computer and communication.

The computer among all the other multimedia technology plays an important role of educating the audience. According to Aibsons (1975:215) “New methods of educating everyone to his highest ability will require increase accounts of tome, date, money and skill. Only computer assistants can many of these factors be developed to better levels of time.

Thus the computer technology as in interactive mass medium is always available matter providing the station with new vitas and opportunity of sharing information with recovers or reaching the mass audience.

The scopes of the computer an educative medium has grown wider with the introduction of the internet they can no longer be retracted strictly to education on the internet’s, website is a form of learning which broadcaster cannot fail to capitalize on the web is one part of the internet which contains a global facilities to document which are stored on computers connected to the internet. This web provides facilities to enable people learn shop, conduct, research listen to news or music and also participate in live event from their computer screen.

Another resource of the internet is the electronic mail (E-mail). It is the most popular resources provided by the telecommunication equivalent of the postal services that deliver letter to the home and office through the computer. More than 80 percent of print journalists use the internet to help them do research and add depth and breadth to the news stories they write, while third of all broadcast journalist download audio and video files from websites. E-mail is another technology that aids mass communication. It simple allows with the type if terminal equipment used for online services to comprise, edit, store, rely to, receive and file electronic messages.

The 2015 Africa Nations Cup that was held at Equatorial Guinea, the Nigerian audiences were able to view and listen to at their home at the same time matches which took place shows the tendons impact of the satellite. Also the result concludes Olympic Games help in London was also another powerful impact of the satellite.


Through the changing global information, culture has created an avenue for the improvement of technology, the question however is, can the broadcast media handle any    of the technologies (internet, E-mail, Fax system and satellite etc) in such a way as to bring out the required result.

The problem of this study stains from above questions we have all the sophisticated technologies present in Uyo broadcast media, but there is a problem of not have my enough skilled technical manpower that could handle, maintain and appreciate the unique qualities of the technologies of communication. The problem is such that many broadcast station connect themselves to vary with or commitment as shown towards maintenance and procurement of spare parts. As a result, much valuable equipment as often on lying because they cannot be repaired or maintained.

1.2 Objective of the Study

The objective of the study is to: