1.1     Background to the study

Employee relationship refers to the relationship between employees and management as a framework of organizational justice consisting of organizational culture and management style as well as rules and procedural sequence for grievances and conflict management indeed, the objective of employee relationship is to achieve harmonious employee relations and minimize conflict practices in employment. Torrington and Hall (1998).

Organizational performance is a function of employee performance .Organization effectiveness depend on constantly improving the performance of organization members and maintaining the human potential that serves as the backbone of the organization Kerning and Jaeger (1990)

Most organizations in an attempt to increase productivity have come up with motivation of employees aimed at improving on the organization performance and condition of job, hence proper performance, Organizations should induce their employees to work hard towards achieving the business set objectives. This can be done through provision of incentives Peter Drucker (1999)

Organization renewal is increasingly perceived to depend not only on management skills in areas such as finance, production and marketing, but also critically in the intertwined fields of people management. Armstrong M (1987)

The values, beliefs, altitudes and behavior of the enterprises employees are held to occupy strategic roles in corporate success. All organizations which aim at high performance need to have policy agenda to create relationship with the employees or working people, which support their business objectives what this calls for, is to have an employee management relations Sultan Kermally (1997)

The bank industry seeks to have well motivated, trained and professional people will contribute fully towards achieving successful results. In support of this,  it  has a fully fledge human resource department that is charged with the responsibility of supporting organizational and human resources development policies and maintain a fit for purpose employee relation climate.

In support of the employee management relation the company has provided benefit to employees satisfaction such as operating and maintaining the health center drugs where trained staffs distributes treated mosquito nets to all employees.

1.2 Statement of the problem

Employee customer relationships are known to play significant roles in fostering organizational performance. United Bank for Africa is perceived as successful organization within the banking industry because of the market share its commands. Recently, the bank customer relationship has dropped drastically, customers have been increasingly withdrawing their monies owing to cruel nature of service delivery. The United Bank for Africa is being characterized by increased cases of staff complains, ranging from assault, sharp practices among others.  Also the nature of work in the Bank is quite unfavorable as their workers have been lamenting that their pay is increasingly reduced daily as the result of a number of customers withdrawing from the bank. Some workers even join other banks in order to maintain their families etc. it is against the above reasons that this study sought to investigate why things are going down in the United Bank Plc, Uyo, with intention of recommending a way forward.

1.3     Objective of the study

  1. To examine the impact of employees customers relationship on organizations productivity with reference o united bank for Africa Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.
  2. To identify challenges militating against the bank’s productivity.
  • To suggest ways and strategies to be adopted in order to enhance staff and customers relationship.

1.4  Significance of the study

1) The significance of the study was the provision of knowledge and skills to make a researcher and gained skills of doing research and came to know the relationship between variables which was under study

2) Others researchers and scholars will also use the study as literature review to investigate other parameters within the same or similar organization.

3) The study will help the general public to know how the organization relates with its employees in order to improve their performance.

4) The study was intended to help the organization understudy to improve performance through good employee relationship.

1.5  Research questions /Hypotheses

  1. What are the impacts of employees – customer’s relationship on productivity of United Bank for Africa Plc, Uyo.
  2. What are the challenges militating against their productivity in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.
  • How can employees – customer’s relationship be improved in United Bank for Africa, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.


1.6 The scope / Limitation of the study

This study covers the relationship of employees and organizational performance in United Bank for Africa which is located at Aka Road Uyo in Akwa Ibom State. The study covered years between 2010−2014.

This study has encountered several problems of getting full information from the managers, supervisors because of fear of the information being accessed by the competitors who may use it to lure staff out of the organization.

Some respondents took time filling their questionnaires because of various reasons like attending to customers also finance.

1.7  Definition of Terms

  1. Employee means an individual who works part time or fulltime under a contract of employment whether oral or written, express or implied, and has recognized rights and duties.
  2. Employee’s customer–relationship: It refers to the relationship between employees, customer and management towards enhancing effective performance of the organizational maintaining human potential that serves as the backbone of the organization.
  3. Organization is a social unit of people hat is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals. Organizations are open, they affect and are affected by their environment.
  4. Performance: This is the ability to achieve organizational goals more effectively and efficiently.

1.8  Organization of the study

United Bank for Africa (UBA) Aka Road Uyo, Akwa Ibom State is organizations which aim a high performance need to have policy agenda to create relationship with the employees and customers, which support their business objectives. In support of this, it has a fully fledge human relationship that is charged with the responsibility of supporting organizational and human relationship policies and maintain a fit for purpose employees – customers relationship climate.

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