Abstract Name : Muhammad Iqbal Student No. : 0606102020040 Study Program : English Education Title : Improving Students’ Speaking Ability Through Project Work The objective of this study is to look at some given theories and/or research findings on the use of Project Work in teaching speaking. The discussion of the thesis is focused on the Project Work as the method that should be used in teaching speaking. Teaching speaking using Project Work, which is one of active learning method, will give positive impact to the success of teaching because it makes student more confident, creates live teaching atmosphere, increases students’ participation and improves students’ interest. The method used in this study is library research. Readings obtained from various sources are processed and described in a descriptive way. It was found that the students are highly motivated and pleased to learn the language by using this method in many aspects of language. However, by increasing students’ motivation, interest and their confidence to learn English, the students can improve their speaking ability. Related to the research findings, the writer proposes some suggestions for the English teacher in the school to apply project work to teach speaking ability. The teacher should be creative in exploring materials. Furthermore, for the teaching materials, the students are suggested to be involved in all steps for designing the project because their involvement improves their motivation. Keywords: Project Work, improve, speaking ability.