News according to Uduak M. Iwok and Nido R. Qubein (2010 P. 36) is when man bites dog. i.e. News is something you haven’t heard before, news is what editors and reporters say it is.

News is different things to different people, it could be foreign and domestic. In today’s conscious world, news comes from many prints and broadcast fronts.

News can sometimes be bad and at other times be good, news could be soft e.g. luncheon to raise money or news could also be hard e.g. killing, accident.

However, news commercialization is a process in that it encourage selling of air time in Television/Radio and selling of space in print media.

In this context, we shall be dealing with sub heading such as the Background of the Study, Statement of the Problems, Objectives of the Study, Research Questions, Scope of the Study, Purpose of the Study, Significance of the Study, Limitation of the Study and Definitions of Terms.

1.1  Background of the Study

The Federal Ministry of Information was responsible for transmitting live programme and running the affairs of the ministry such as education, entertainment, information and other activities which involves sports lives news and many other function too numerous to mention.

Before the establishment of Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) 12 Uyo, the government sees investment in development of a particular telecommunication and mass communication e.g. NTA as a wise and well oriented investment that would bring forth both abstract and concrete dividends to the society.

In the view to make the electronic media financially independent, government approved the news commercialization process of certain categories of programme including news items for television and telecommunication broadcast.

The power of commercial and the power of government play upon broadcasting lending to produce either pap or propaganda in broadcast media.

This commercialization drive seems to place more premium on mobilizing resource for continuous running above the declared objectives on their existences which in fundamental to ensure diverse segment of the society.

It is therefore “O” this valley that the need to carryout this research work reside.




1.2  Statement of the Problems

A media system with focus news commercial because imperative following a noticeable difference between western media broadcast contents and the socio-economic as well as political need of the developing countries.

  • Nigerian Television Authority Channel 12 Uyo, was set up as public enterprise to relief government of huge expenses and to make the organization functional.
  • Little or no time was given for commercialization of news in government owned station to make for efficient delivery.
  • Again to examine the influence of news commercialization on objective on media broadcast.
  • To examine the influence of news commercialization on broadcast media.


1.3  Objectives of the Study

This research work was aim at the following objectives:

  • To ascertain whether news commercialization has helps the media to achieve its objectives.
  • To ascertain the impact of news commercialization on NTA Television services channel 12 Uyo.
  • To assess if influence of news commercialization has any benefit on television services.
  • To ascertain the volume of news stories aired on the station, which but have a commercial bias not directly or indirectly influence by the government.

1.4  Research Questions