This project is based on the theoretical and practical study of the media ownership on professionalism.   In this work, I revaluate the two types of the media-that is, government ownership and private ownership (Minaji System Television Obosi and Nigerian Television Authority Enugu) with a view to recommending a more effective ownership that is, the type of ownership that is geared towards attaining professionalism in media operations. Professionalism in media operation could be achieved by properly training and motivating media practitioners.  The ownership pattern of our media goes a long way in determining the rate of professionalism in media operation.  Different chapter of this talks more on this topic

In summary, media ownership i.e. government or private could be of help in boosting the rate of professionalism by setting out media polices and ethics that will guide the journalists or media practitioners in their duties.




From its inception, in the pre-independence era, the electronic media Industry had been established to cater for the pleasure of entertaining and information the colonial masters and its subjects.  It is noteworthy that apart from providing entertainment for colonial masters and their subjects, the existed as a vital tools in running the day to day activities of government.

In 1977, following the decision of the Federal Military Government to take over all the Television Stations in the country, later, Anambra Broadcasting Co-operation outfit became what is now known as Nigerian Television Authority (NTA Channel 8 Enugu) Enugu State.  NTA Channel 8 Enugu, Broadcast on the vision high frequency (VHF) spectrum from its Independent Layout Studio, and it has a 295-metre mast a lokilowatts solid-state digital transmitter at the Abor hills in Udi, Local Government Area of Enugu, Enugu State.  It has the State of the Art facilities and studio.  It covers thirteen State of the Federation.

This early arrangement market the beginning of dependency of these media stations on government, which as a result affected their function and independence.

The management of NTA Channel 8 Enugu, a government owned media and others like it, till date, still thinks that it is their legitimate function to project and served as the mouth piece of the government.  This is because as the saying goes that “he who pays the piper-dictates the tune” NTA Enugu always slick to the dictates of the government in power if it must survive.  Since its concept of freedom of disseminating information, has been mortgage by the financial dependency of these media on government it does not broadcast anti-government news.  Rather it is often supportive of the government initiatives and various mobilization campaigns by sleeting and emphasizing these campaigns in the news.  At times it goes further to do special reports to highlight problem areas for government attention.

Perhaps, it is correct to assert that of all the human efforts to survive on this planet earth Professional  Journalism is one of the most important ones. This fact stems from the centrality of the business of Professional  Journalism which is essentially the business of information and communication.

All the social institutions such as the family the economy, education and law to mention a few need information and communication within and among themselves to function properly. According to Wood, (2006:2):

Unlike some of  the subjects you study, communication is relevant to almost every aspect of your life. We communicate with ourselves when we work through ideas, psych ourselves up to meet challenges, rehearse ways to approach some one about a difficult issue and talk ourselves into or out of various courses of action. We communicate with others to build and sustain personal relationships, to perform our jobs and advance our careers, and to participate in social and civic activities. Every facet of life involves communication

In enumerating the functions of magazine which  is  undoubtedly  one  of  the most potent tools of journalism, Ohaja, (2004:6) posits that “Success Magazines seek to help their readers advance in their careers, keep their marriages intact and their fortunes growing through wise investment” .

Emphasizing the influence of information in any human society, Darmola, (1999:4) states that “it is now  known  to  possess  the  capacity  to shape the views and mould the minds of people, to influence  the  course  of events and to pressure the authority”. Okunna (1999:108) states that “The information function of the mass Radio is all embracing and indispensable for the meaningful existence of members of the society” Udoakah, (2006:78) states: