This research work was aimed at finding out the influence of social gadgets ( Mobile Phone) Usage on Academic Performance of  Junior Secondary Students in  Ikorudu in Lagos State..  questionnaires were drawn up/drafted in the course of study . 120 copies were made for students. The investigation was empirical. students were sampled in the study. It was discovered that the use of mobile phones constituted a distraction to students and have negatively effectively affected their academic performance. It is essential to develop a curriculum that is inclusive of strategies of coping with mobile phone usage without impairing academic performance..



1.1 Background of the Study

 A mobile phone is a device that can basically make and receive calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area. (Pew Research center, 2010). It does so by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. The ancient types of Social gadgets (Phones)support limited services and examples were shown in Fig. 1.1. Such as, calling, sending messages and very few for taking pictures. However, the modern phones support very wide range variety of other services apart from making and receive calls and examples were shown in Fig. 1.2. These include; text messaging, MMS, e-mail, internet access, short range wireless communications [(Infrared, Bluetooth, File Transfer Protocol, (FTP)], business applications, gaming and photography. Humans always wanted to communicate or simply makes their life easier. In ancient times people have used smoke signals, drums, and carrier pigeons to get a message from one point to another. That is a clear example that it is very important to us humans to communicate from far or other places. That is why Martin Cooper invented the world’s first mobile phone in 1932. As the year change, mobile phone also evolved at first it was just with a non-colored until it became a built-in camera, music player, video player, file storage, radio, internet and some with televisions as the students or humans wanted. In our society, it is now considered that mobile phones are one of the needs not a want. Currently education is making a move toward the use of more technology within classrooms ranging from elementary to the collegiate level.  In high schools and colleges, devices being used most commonly for educational purposes not only mobile phone but also laptop and tablets. These devices are being used in hopes of enhancing student’s academic performance. Students are using devices for activities such as, taking notes, researching, and communicating. Although the intended purposes of these devices are to improve educational experiences for the student, there have also been negative effects of modern technology in the classroom. Although there is a lack of understanding of how student cell phone usage affects their academic performance. Mobile phones doesn’t only bring knowledge and amusement to the students. We can say that in our society mobile phones help us in many ways in all the sector in our community as we feel the importance of the mobile phones in our lives but mobile phone usage on school is an increasing problem. Not only it interrupts the class by ringing but also by texting, surfing the internet, taking pictures of tests and the most common is the use of it to cheat in quizzes and exams but it doesn’t mean that it is all bad as it gave a big contribution to a better education, however despite of it everything should be taken in moderation. Knowing the students’ belief passing is important. Students who believe they can pass may be more likely to believe they can use their cell phones and pay attention during class. The importance of our study is to contribute to the knowledge and progress in the facing dilemmas of the society as it is a tool for building knowledge and efficient learning, mean to understand various issues that is timely, can aid success to eradicate a certain issue and also a way to prove lies and support truths. We choose this topic or issue as it is a timely issue not only to the students but all the people in the world as it is alarming to know the truth that we are now controlled by technologies and also as we discover that many students suffers depression by the use of it.