Jeremy G. Butter (2011) states that small studios was created for cartoon with limited access to cinema theatres. In the 1930s major studios such as paramount, Warner, universal and MGM signed distribution dealt with the carton studios or created their own cartoon departments. The late 1930s to 1950s were “golden era” for the cartoon and it is from this era that the most theatrical cartoon on television is drawn.

Steamboat Willie (2010) was the first significant cartoon with synchronized sound and flowers and trees (2012) was the first to use the three. Technicolor processes which became the cinemas principal color process in the late 1930s. The final key to the success of the cartoon was an effective distribution system, during the silent era.

Teenagers have become much more interested in cartoon over many years and it has become a primary action to some lives. Typically, teenagers begin watching cartoons on the television at an early age of six months, and by age two or three children become enthusiastic viewers. This is unfortunate because children watch cartoon on the television and they see material that is not appropriate for their age group.

Steve Hostler (2012) also alludes that children who watch too much cartoons on television are more likely to have mental and emotional problems, along with brain and eye injuries and unexpectedly the risk of a physical problem increases. Oxford learner’s dictionary, cartoon is defined as an amusing drawing in a newspaper.

Nowadays, children are much influenced by animated movies and my blog will help other people in understanding their effect. Today cartoons serve as entertainment, comic relief, proven learning mediums and the continued stimulations of the imagination. Cartoon channels are important outlet for many of the world’s artists and writers to share their work and talent. The influence of cartoons can be made positive by a little effort on the part of parents or elders. They should make their kids realize that these fantasy things have no true value and identity.

Ben 10 wrist watch which will start  blinking and all alert Ben of every evil action before hand. If someone is killed or beaten up by cartoons it does not mean that kids should also start doing the same. Parents need to keep an eye on their children’s activities and should be observant of any peculiar changes in their behaviour. With recess, they should have an interrogation session with them and try to clear the reality of things and should answer the controversial and ambiguous questions they have in their minds. Thus, for making cartoons a healthy entertainment and a good and effective source of leaning for children, parents should pay a  little head towards providing selective cartoons to their children which could have a positive impact on them (Linder, 2012).

American physiologist (2009), says that the high level of Ben 10 shows that it is hard to avoid television if you are a kid or teenager, people in the house are usually turned into Television – siblings as well as parents. In some homes the television is still switched on even when there is no one watching it. Despite all the disadvantages of watching television among kids and teenagers, there are also god things that people can see through this and some experts however, believe that television is not all that bad. Television sure can be a good medium if it is done in moderation and the programme that the kids and the teenagers watch is well-selected. Therefore these are the positive side of television towards young people.

Some television shows have been proven as being able to educate, inform and inspire, somehow, it can be more effective than books or audiotapes in teaching the kids about processes that needs physical and mental skills from them such as baking cake, chin-chin, meat pies and lot more. Studies show that kids or teenagers who watch educational and non-violet shows will be able to do better on reading and mathematics tests compared to t hose who do not watch this type beneficial television cartoons. If we search through our reality, we can see many kindergartens used a television as a main medium in teaching the children because most of them believed that kids will easily get attracted to the motion and audio that comes together in one time and for sure they will only expose the kids to the educational cartoon shows such as showing the numbers and alphabets, learning how to pronounce certain numbers of alphabet about the topic after the children had been effected by the episode of “Pokeman”. Butter (2012).


It has been observed that so many teenagers today are being influenced by what by they view or see on the television, especially when it comes to cartoon productions. There are reported cases of teenagers misbehaving after his her exposure to television programme. To a great extent this has not really helped situations that is one of the reasons why writers like Steve Hostler in his write-up “Mental and psychological effects of children’s cartons”, said that most teenagers watch television and shows that they have become violent and addictive to what they what they watch.

Teenagers today have mental