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Information is vital to every aspect of life. Societies depend on information to build up their way of lives, likewise pregnant women. Readily available health information is vital for the growth of knowledgeable and effective systems for improving health concerns in the society. Information helps pregnant women to make informed decisions. A Mixed method approach was used to carry out the study. Questionnaire was used to collect data from 148 pregnant women from three hospitals namely; Tamale Teaching Hospital, Tamale West Hospital and the Seventh Day Adventist hospital, interviews were conducted for three midwives, one from each hospital and a Gynecologist at the Tamale Teaching Hospital. The findings of the study revealed that antenatal lessons were the most used sources of health information and the least was newspaper and popular magazines. The information needs of pregnant women included healthy baby, diet, medication among others. The most highly rated need was having a healthy baby and the least was sex relationship. The main challenges that were identified include lack of funds, non-use of internet and attitudes of some midwives. The study recommends that management of the hospitals set aside an office to be manned by a midwife at the entrance of every antenatal clinic where the midwife would be solely in charge of consultation on health information provision. Most pregnant women will prefer staying in the house due to lack of funds which negatively affect their information behaviour. The study recommends that government pays more attention to the free maternal health policy to enhance access to quality healthcare.

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