1. Background of the study

As far as Edo state is an education centres Benin city in particular, it has a large number of primary school are located in the different parts of the city, they are either owned by the government or private individuals and there are also mixed primary school for boys and girls.  Taking into consideration that boys and girls in this primary schools are being exposed to social cultural, economic problems of life. It is important to teach sex education in primary school since these generation knows what sexual relationship is all about there is the need for them to be taught results relationship.

          If the pupils are now aware of what will happen during sexual relationship, that it will result to an unwanted pregnancy, which will bring about economic and social problems, this will actually make them deciate from it.

          The introduction of sex education n our primary school also help in reducing of rate of social disorder in our society that is to say that the rate at which people abandon babies at different place will be put to an end.

          The introduction of sex education will also enable the teachers to give correct factual information to teenagers the development of their babies, during this period the girls develop breast, pelvic bone broadens, these starts at the age of eleven to twelve (11-12) years and in the boys between fourteen to fifteen (14-15) years the sexual organs nature, the widen the chest and the enlargement of the larynx which causes breaking of the voice.

          The knowledge f sex education will also definitely reduce the rate of casualty, which would have resulted from illegal procurement of abortion by quack doctors or nurses.

          The adolescent get themselves involves in this act of abortion because they are afraid to tell their parents, that they are pregnant. This pregnancy could be avoided if sex education is taught in schools.           The knowledge of sex education will no doubt help in a great deal in solving the social nuisance caused by bastered children, which results to indiscriminate sexual act. The teaching of sex education in school will help in small measure in solving wide spread at sexual transmitted diseases, which is one of government major concern today. Sexual education on its own is transformative and the need to get the adult informed should not be left out, because it is popularly said that the understanding of a problem is the beginnings of its solution. If these concerned are well educated about the issue. The negative results of sex education promiscuity would have been half solved. Teaching sex education has been in existence from the creation of man when man continues to expand with children. The whole subject has been distorted by teachers, media, parents, Pastors, Imams and even friends have shirked their resistibility by not presenting the many side of the subject, the good, the lies told to exploit others. Increasing number of people across the ideological spectrum believe that our society is in deep moral trouble. The disheartening signs are everywhere. The breakdown of the family, the deterioration of civility in everyday‟s life, rampant greed, omnipresent sexual activities at very early ages; the enormous betrayal of children through sexual abuse (Taku, 2009). Sex education is the education that is given to individuals on sexuality behaviour. It is the process of acquiring information, attitude and belief about sex. It is education for awareness especially our adolescents about sex related issues. Sex education does not encourage early initiation of intercourse but instead can delay first intercourse and lead to more consistent and understanding what the concept is all about. It is the process of acquiring information and forming attitudes and beliefs about sex, sex identity relationship and intimacy.