Launching the Qatar National Research Fund


An abstract suitable for publication in QNRF’s biannual survey of research in Qatar should be provided. Participation in QNRF Seminars. PIs must be willing to participate in semi-annual or annual conferences or workshops organized by QNRF in order to share findings, lessons learned, and technical or policy barriers. QNRF may request presentations of progress made if needed at any time. Post-Completion Reports. Grantees should also provide post-completion reports, if applicable, after the term of the grant, outlining any subsequent grant-derived accomplishments. Given ordinary lags in developing work products, e.g., publishing research findings or acquiring patents, and in establishing outcomes, it may be difficult to assess the full impact of funding without post-completion reporting. 11.3 Communication of Research Results The QNRF will create and maintain a publicly accessible project database with links, as appropriate, to work products. For example, a web-based database could include the following: the program or project title, the name of the Principal Investigator, the start and end dates, a summary of findings, as approved by the Principal Investigator or project leader, a list of work products, and links to final reports, publications, and other documented work products. Principal Investigators must cooperate in providing this information. 11.4 Intellectual Property Policy QNRF will follow the international model for intellectual property rights and revenue sharing for research outcomes and technology transfer. Please see the QNRF website for the Intellectual Property Policy. 68 Launching the Qatar National Research Fund Page 14 of 22 April 2007 12. Timeline 1st Annual National Priorities Research Program Grant Cycle The following dates represent the major milestones of the National Priorities Research Program: April 23, 2007 Launch and public availability of National Priorities Research Program Request for Proposals. Mid-May, 2007 Public Presentation and Q&A Sessions; QNRF will post Q&As from the sessions on its website. May 1 – June 22, 2007 QNRF will respond to questions and inquiries from applicants submitted online, and post responses on its website. Applicants are advised to monitor the QNRF website for any final updates. QNRF will not accept phone calls or meetings to discuss the RFP with individual candidates, so that all candidates have the same information as posted online. June 1, 2007 Detailed proposal submission instructions will be available online at June 23 – November, 2007 QNRF will not answer applicant questions or communicate with applicants during this time. All communication must be during the above period. July 1, 2007 Letter of Intent Due August 1, 2007 Proposals Due November, 2007 Awards Announced and Grant Contracts Signed National Priorities Research Program Request for Proposals 69 Page 15 of 22 April 2007 Appendix 1 Examples of Focused Research Areas of Priority to Qatar As part of the National Research Program, the QNRF seeks to support a broad variety of projects. These may include basic and applied research and projects in the arts, sciences, healthcare, engineering, and humanities. Proposals are invited in all of these disciplines. Below is a list of examples of broad research areas relevant to Qatar’s national needs for this first cycle of the NPRP. This list is largely based on a study by the Angle Technology Group of research areas relevant to Qatar.