Background to the study

It has been noted that motivation is an important factor in learning and an umbrella term that covers types of those things that help the individual to learn. It is therefore important that educators should try and understand its nature and way of operation.Motivation is the problem facing the standard of education in the society and has been noted that among the factors that determine the success of learning in academics is the level of of performance and commitment of the students and this depends on the rate of amount of interest one have for the subject.

However, the only means through which this can be achieved is through adequate motivation of students by their teachers. It is only through motivation that students feels not only happy, but puts in maximum eort and interest for his subject. Making a contribution to that (Sternberg and Lubant 1996) said that motivation is probably indispensable for school success. Without it, the student never even tries to learn. But at this juncture one may ask what exactly motivation is? And how does it help in boasting students interest in the study of economics? In simple terms, motivation based on Latin verb for moveer is the force that makes one to do something. It is a process that involves goals, physical or mental activity and it is both instigated and sustained (Williams, 1997). Alechunu (1995) reacting to the meaning of the word motivation says “It is a general term applying to the entire class of drivers, desires, needs, wishes and similar forces that moves an individual to action”. According to Omebe (2001) motivation is the process of arousing movement in an organism and the movement is produced and regulated through the release of energy within the tissue. Onyehalu (1988) was of the view that motivation entails a serious consideration of the goals and motives that produce observed human behaviour. It is essentially an internal urge or drive or tension that prompts an organism into action.

Ukeje (19920 said that motivation can take many form of regular payment to teacher’s salaries, wages, allowance and many other entitlements when due. It can be in form of good working environment. This has to do with providing enough classroom with all facilities like electricity, air-conditions, good seats, enough classroom with normal number of students for proper control of teachers, and many other needs, equipment that will make it comfortable and conducive for students. Motivation is also the drive within the individual as well as the external drive that leads to the achievement or accomplishment of a goal, the drive to achieve a goal or to set a goal such as needs, wants and desires and internal forces achievable. A child for his own sake may not want to learn because there is no apparent immediate benefit to be derived from learning. In other words, he cannot see why he has to learn (negative attitude) for a child to develop the attitude and willingness to learn, there must be sort of motivation. In a nutshell, motivation can simply be defined as “All these phenomena which are involved in the stimulation of motion towards particular objectives that was previously set”. In other words motivation is the drive within the individual as well as the external drive that leads to the achievement or accomplishment or goals. But the question then is how far or to what extent is student motivated and how does motivation boast student’s performance? It is important to note that students like employees in order organizations need to be adequately motivated that this can be done by providing them with things that can induce them to put in their best. Motivation of students can also be achieved by reinforcing them with praises, promises, gis in form of giving handout or even text books to improve learning and also creating an enabling environment for them not only to study but to enjoy their studies through increased performance. Instrument according to Oxford Learners dictionary 6th edition is something that is used by some body in order to achieve something.