1.0     Introduction

1.1     Background

In ancient days, construction was carried out manually and that affect the nature of the works and much difficulties before a certain project could be completed at a specific period of time.

Most large construction has increased their investment on updating, replacing and maintaining their equipment fleet to satisfy the need of construction project. In any construction industry, equipment is needed for speedy construction, technical construction and economical construction and time of completion of the project.

The equipment managers in charge of a large fleet need both adequate information and tools to make decision pertaining to resource allocation and equipment repairs, replacement and maintenance.

Equipment maintenance, repair and replacement are important aspects of construction equipment management.

Well managed equipment fleet helps reduce downtime, as well as the total maintenance, repair and replacement costs. The need for good maintenance of engineering equipments enhance the availability of the equipment since the cost of replacing of construction equipment is high, it has become imperative to go in for maintenance of the equipment during its expected life cycle.


1.2      Scope of the Study

The scope of this research work is on the need for proper maintenance and Replacement of construction equipment in construction industry within Akwa Ibom State, it is conceded basically with the construction equipment used in construction of roads and highways’

This study helps to;

  1. To know the possible problem that brings about replacement of construction equipment.

To assessed on various type of maintenance and replacement culture.

  1. To assessed and reporting on safety hazard associated with maintenance of equipment.


1.3     Limitation of the Study

This research work help to know the factors that affect the smooth process of this project, some of which are;

  1. Inadequate information disclosed by personals
  2. Inadequate availability of material related to this work like journals, textbook and Articles.
  • Time factor


1.4        Aims and Objectives of the Study

The aims and objective of this work are as follows:

  • To highlight the various types of construction equipment and their usefulness
  • It helped to educate the construction companies to know the need for proper ,maintenance and replacement of construction equipment when needed
  • To know the factors of equipment management and replacement.



1.5       Statement of the Problem

Proper maintenance and replacement of construction equipment plays a vital role in a speedy execution of construction project. Major challenges faced are related with human aspects of crew who are involved in the equipment operation, maintenance and production means.

Other challenges related to equipment are its age, quality, complexity, type of operation.

A company policies and site management actions have significant influence on the use of equipment, operation and selection of specified equipment.

It is important for a site management to have full knowledge about equipment in terms of its complexity, its capacity and technical suitability for use under a specified condition at a given time.

1.6     Significance of the Study

The important of this study is on the need for proper maintenance and replacement of construction equipments.

Proper maintenance help reduces operation cost significantly, directly and indirectly.

Directly for machine downtime and costly unscheduled repairs and indirectly since  equipment  that is not operating because it is down and can shutdown and entire production site, costing which amount of money and in some cases million of naira.

Proper maintenance minimizes repair cost and maximizes production and profit which helps control cost and services.

Equipments manufacturers recommend following routing daily maintenance schedule that examines key system and components. These help heavy equipment owners to prevent costly factors from developing, extend equipment life span, time factor and money, and also in the means of reduce the fleet environment footprint through efficient operation.

Finally, proper maintenance help increase uptime, significantly which help keep the equipment working at standard level?


1.6     Definition of Terms

`        The following terms are used in this study and are defined as follows:

  • Construction is defined as the act or process of building structures such as road, house, bridge, and dam etc.
  • Equipment:  This is defined as implement used in an operation and activity.
  • Construction Equipment: This is defined as implement use for the purpose of executing construction project such as bulldozer, tractor excavator etc.
  • Maintenance: This is defined as the process of maintaining or preserving someone or something or state of being maintained.
  • Replacement: This is defined as an act of replacing something.
  • Down Time: This is defined as the time during which construction project is stopped especially during set up for an operation or when making repairs.
  • Proper Maintenance: This is defined as the act of maintaining or preserving machines in a good condition.

Up Time:    This is defined as the time during