The online admission system is a web based application, develop on Active Server Page and Microsoft SQL server. The online admission system allow institutes to receive application through the web and candidates need not collect physical forms, candidate are required to visit the admission website of the institute. All eligibility criteria, number of seats selection criteria etc. are mentioned in the website candidates are required to fill the online admission form and submit online. On successful submission of the application, the candidate receives a unique form number against which he /she  is required to make  the payment of the application form. For institutes willing to receive the application fee online we can also integrate the payment gateway. Merit list of eligible candidates are generated through the application and published on the admission website.

The online admission system can also be programmed electronically to notify candidates about the outcome of the admission process. Since the candidates  information  is entered by  the candidate  and that for once, this result in reduced  turnaround  time for the entire admission process. This saves a lot of time and effort on the part o f the institutes as well as for t he candidates. More over the merit list  of admitted student is generated automatically by the application, ruling out any chance of foul play.  In this case only the deserving candidates get admitted into the institute.        

The Online Admission System is also aimed at developing an online admission application for a polytechnic. This system is an online system that can be accessed throughout the organization and  outside  as well with proper login provided. Our system has two  type  of accessing  modes  administrator and user. Student management system is managed by an administrator. It is the job of the administrator to admit and monitor the whole process. When a user log into the system. He would only view details of the student. He cannot perform any changes .The system has two modules. They are User Administrator Students logging in is to apply for the course by filling an application form provided online.