Polythene Automatic Sealing and cutting machine is a machine that is used to seal and cut polythene into different sizes depending on the required dimension. Polythene is a type of synthetic rubber widely used often as transference sheets for water proof packaging. The sealing machine is one of the most important fabrication of engineers of the 20th century, the achievements led to sweet relieve for Agriculturist, industrialist, marketers etc. for this purpose, the production of Agricultural and industrials, goods which need appropriate attention for packaging and storage has been on the increase.

Traders in the market require Polythene bags in packaging commodities for their customer. The same material can be made in various shapes as long as packaging of goods is concerned. There is obvious need for diversification of the Nigeria economy. We can start by producing some simple machine so that scare of foreign exchange can be conserved for more need and essential goods.It will also enable Nigerians manufacture to expand their industries there by making price of products relatively cheaper compared with the imported ones and are affordable to majority of Nigerians.


Developed countries like Japan started by producing simple machine using the abundant local raw material for the manufacture of goods can also be exported in order to earn foreign exchange rather than exporting the raw material.There is great need to improve on the technological advancement in the country since, she is blessed with abundant material and human resources which need to be tapped for useful purpose. In plastic industry the machines that are required to process goods into usable products can still be manufactured locally.

Previously, the packaging system was done by the use of paper, clothing material, etc. These methods are either given way to cellophane packaging system. Different types of packaging system emerged owing to the facts of invention of which the most commonly used is the cellophane and polythene packaging and sealing. It has the following advantages; low cost of production, high resistance to acid attacks, inertness, corrosion etc. polyethylene is used in packaging goods like ice cream, umbrellas, exercise books, pure water, beverages, weavon, packet shirt, bread, biscuits etc. the following properties polyethylene possessed are the reasons for its varieties of purpose that is to say how the cost of production, inertness, resistance to acid, and corrosion water.The use of polythene cannot be overemphasized. Most of food packaging is for hygienic reason(s). The technology of cellophane permits raw materials of textile industries to be carried with sealed polyethylene the finished products are either marketed or exported with polyethylene packaging. Most utensils are packaged with polyethylene. Special polyethylene materials have been a safer conveyance of glass and ceramics materials, especially for transportation and exportation of finished goods.



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