1.1  Background to the Study

The origin of Makeup can be traced to a Greek actor named THESPIS. After this, during the medieval time, European theatre then introduced face paint makeup for the first time. The principles of designing and the application of makeup to Nollywood production is of great importance because Nollywood production usually entails the interpretation of a particular character. Thus, a character for a Nollywood production cannot be properly interpreted without the proper guidelines to the principles of makeup application.

Makeup is a very vital ingredient through which a good Nollywood production could be achieved. Makeup has been said to be the application of certain substances to a character’s body in order to give a proper interpretation of such characters and also enhance the character’s appearance on set. It is on this background that this project work aims to highlight the principles of designing and the application of Makeup to Nollywood productions.

1.2  Statement of the Problem

The problem that is evident here is that some makeup artists in Nollywood productions are solely after the application of makeup to a character’s face in a production. Whereas, makeup implies the use of materials to alter the physical features of an actor. Thus, it maybe to add a hunch back or to pad up the buttocks or to enlarge the breast and so on. This they do without taking note of the principles guiding the application of makeup which includes thus; the facial structure, skin tone, skin type and so on.

This however, has been seen in so many movies were the principles guiding makeup application are not carried out effectively.

1.3  Scope of Study

This project is intended to impact positively on the Nigerian home-made videos and especially of Nollywood, as well as to enhance the audience enjoyment and aesthetics of the performance.

Thus, the scope of this study is to focus exclusively on not just the common facial makeup on characters but also the principles of designing and applying makeup to characters in a Nollywood production.

1.4  Methodology of the Study

The methods of research used in this project are literally and historical methods. In the literally method, data{s} will be collected and analyzed. Books, Journals and other published works on this topic will be looked into. Finally, the historical method would entail the origin, development and significance of make-up in Nollywood. This will be analyzed in relation to how it affects the actors, the makeup artist and the audience at large in a production.

1.5  Significance of the Study

This research will be of great benefit to a makeup artist and designer in a film production. The students, who will want to do research in this topic, will also benefit. Thus, this work would serve as a reference material to the students and researchers of this topic. Also, it would be of great importance to the production crew, in order for them to know more on the principles of designing and application.