Record management is the making use, control and disposition of records. So that the system works efficiently and economically.
Business organizations, government ministry, educational institutions and social institutions depend upon records for their existence. There are several problems that stand in the way of achieving an efficient and effective records management in institution of higher learning.
In view of this, the researcher decided to identify some of these problems of records management in institute of management and technology in Enugu state.
The main instrument of this study was questionnaire, administered on a sample size of one hundred and fifty respondents chosen from these institutions. From the information gotten, the researcher concluded that given all other factors, the problems of records management in institution of higher learning are
Absence of well define records management policy or practice; the problems encountered in handling records or mails and inadequate storage space and equipment, the problems encountered in retrieval of disposal of records.
By these findings, the researcher gave some recommendations that may enhance records management practice and assets in offering solution to the above problems which are keeping of records retention policy of the institution by the institutions. Secondly, an efficient and effective records management department should be maintained so that records would be properly kept and handled. Also, inactive files or records should be kept in an inactive area or achieves as it costs less than keeping them among the active records. There should be periodic training and education for personnel in the records management unit of the institution. Records management personnel should made to have abroad background in business and a training information area to enable them cope with the expanding needs of business. Documents filing and records keeping should not be complex but done immediately actions are taken on them and finally, that should be adequate storage space and equipment where records should be stored.

Title Page
Approval Page
Table Of Content
Chapter One
1.1 Background Of The Study
1.2 Statement Of The Problem
1.3 Purpose Of The Study
1.4 Significance Of The Study
1.5 Research Questions
1.6 Scope Of The Study
Chapter Two
2.0 Literature Review
2.1 An Overview Of Records, Management In Institution Of Higher Learning.
2.2 The Problems Of Records Management In Institution Of Higher Learning
2.3 Absence Of Well Defined Records Management Policy
2.4 Problems Encountered In Handling Mails
2.5 Problems Encountered In Retrieval And Disposal Of Records
2.6 Suggested Solution To These Problems
2.7 Summary Of Literature Review

Chapter Three
3.0 Research Methodology
3.1 Design Of The Study
3.2 Area Of The Study
3.3 Population Of The Study
3.4 Sample And Sampling Techniques
3.5 Instrument Of Data Collection
3.6 Method Of Data Collection
3.7 Method Of Data Analysis.
Chapter Four
4.0 Data Presentation And Analysis
4.1 Analysis Of Data
Chapter Five
5.0 Summary Of Findings, Conclusion And Recommendations
5.1 Summary Of Findings
5.2 Conclusion
5.3 Recommendations
Over the years, many methods of records keeping have been applied in running organization but one thing that has remained relatively constant in modern management has been the management needs for information.
Management requires information/records about products, personnel, finance, customers and when called for, they need them promptly to speed the work of the busy executors (Elendu 1983)
Modern society depend much upon records. Business organizations, government ministries, Educational Institution and social institutions depends upon information for the existence. In the modern business offices in Nigeria, contracts, letters, memoranda, invoice, cheques, vouchers, price lists, catalogues, cost analysis statements, personnel reports constitutes records that have to be preserved for future references.
Also, Educational institutes keeps records of their students names, address and even results of examinations taken either passed or failed, letters, transcript, reports, particulars of students.
All these records should be kept in the most appropriate and convenient methods to fasten their retrieval when needed. All sorts of records are recovered by the institution working day.
There is no doubts that if these records are not properly taken care of, the whole records office space will be flooded with papers and there will be no working space kept. This situation will then give rise to problems in records management. Records management ensures that important documents of the institution are retained and protected against damage, loss and unqualified assessments. Un-important and useless ones should be destroyed or discarded. Hence (Thelma 1990), the main purpose of record management is to eliminate papers that are temporary useless without delay and to identify and protect important documents of the institution.
In every institution today, the key question asked are; What type of records should be kept? How long should it be kept? What is the mode of their destruction? This project therefore will try to proffer answers to these problems.

Record keeping in higher institution has many problems which should be considered and solutions proffered. These problems are seen in the keeping, arranging and preparation of these records. The rate at which paper work accumulates every working day throws many heads into confusion as to how to deal with them.
Experience has shown that owing to inefficiency in the practice of records management, higher institutions find it very difficult to make decisions as and at when appropriate.
The problems of records management includes
a. Absence of well-defined record management practice or policy. This is a big problems to institution of higher learning. This policy is supposed to be adopted by institutions and strictly followed (Lucy 1989)
b. Lack of storage space and equipment. When these records are not properly stored, it results t misplacement and loss of some essential documents. Moreover, most institutions have problems in records management because they do not find it necessary to train personnel in the areas of records management (Todd 1986)
c. Other problems are encountered in handling mails, delay in giving of documents, problems in retrieved and disposal of records. These are some of the problems of records management that necessitated this write up.

This research is to look into the problems of record management in institutions of higher learning; specifically to
a. Identify the records management practice used in institute of management and technology Enugu
b. Identify the problems encountered by secretaries in handling records in this institution.
c. Determine the problems involved in storage of these records
d. Determine the problems encountered by records personnel in the retrieval and disposal of records in this institution.
e. Suggest useful solutions to these problems in order to achieve effective handling, retrieval and storage of records.

It is not an over-statement to say that records play an important role in any establishment. The success and failure of any institution of higher learning therefore depends to a large extent on its ability to keep and maintain effective records management.
In as much as management all over the world strives relentlessly to identify and protect the important papers and documents of the institutions, there is also a very important need to eliminate the useless papers with the least possible delay. This is the area higher institution have problems.
It is expected that this study with therefore reveal the major problems that institution of higher learning are facing in keeping their records. This study in the researcher’s view with throw light on the root causes of these problems.
a. What are the records management practice used in the institute of management and technology Enugu
b. What are the problems encountered by secretaries in handling records in the institution.
c. What are the problems involved in storage of these records
d. What are the problems encountered in the retrieval and disposal of records in the institutions.
e. How can the problems be solved.

The study focuses only on the problems of records management in Institute of Management and Technology IMT Enugu.



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