This study examined the effect of Professional Associations and Capacity Development of Technical Personnel. Three null hypotheses were formulated for the study. Ex-post facto research design was used in the study. Simple random Sampling technique was used to select 40 respondents as sample. The research instrument used for data collection was a questionnaire titled “Professional Associations and Capacity Development of Technical Personnel”. The validity of the instrument was ascertained by the supervisor. Data from 40 completed questionnaire forms were tested with chi-square statistics. The result showed that Professional Associations of secretaries influences Capacity Development of Secretaries in Note-taking and Shorthand transcription, Word processing and Record management. Based on the findings, it was recommended that Professional Associations of secretaries should organize conference, seminar and workshop regularly for practising secretaries to enhance professionalism.



1.1 Background of the Study

A Professional is refers to any person who has had a long period of training/education to earn a certificate to practice a profession regulated by law and code of practice for its member”. (Abdussalam Amoo, December 26, 2014). Such a person has knowledge, skills and attitude which are demonstrated to its client. He is an expertise in his own field. Professional association then is referred to a body of people engaged in a profession. It is also a body of professionals organized for a joint purposes or link. They are bodies that professionals of different field group themselves and form. In Nigeria they are the umbrella bodies and authoritative voices of the institutions and societies which are recognized and chartered to regulate the professions by the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. (Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria). Some noticeable professional associations include: Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Nigerian Union of Journalist (NUJ), Council for Regulation of Engineers of Nigeria (COREN), Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM), Chartered Institute of Bankers Association of Nigeria (CIBA), Nigeria Association of Nursing and Midwives (NANM), Chartered Institute of Insurance Broker (CIIB). Others are; the Institute of Chartered Secretaries of Nigeria (ICSN), Nigerian Institute of Professional Secretaries (NIPS), Association of International Secretaries (AIS) to mention but a few. These professional associations are expected to draw up code of conduct which members must abide by, organize training which is geared to promoting competence, set standards which they review from time to time, carry out continuing professional education for members, enlightenment programmes and accredit training educational institutions, establish a student’s section for the encouragement and development of student activities. They also check license, sanction and reward professionals who have chosen to be associated with them. They help in building confidence through knowledge (training), experience and skills necessary to practice effectively. In the case of office secretaries there are many professional bodies which are recognized at locally, nationally and internationally. This explains that secretaryship is a profession. The function of the body is the thing to determine the membership status. According to Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary, Technical has to do with the practical skills of a particular subject, discipline, art or craft. It has to do with the practical use of machinery and methods in science and industry. 2 3 According to Will (2010), some of the aims and objectives of these associations of secretaries is to developed and promote the professional ideals, standards, ethics and code of conduct and the interest of the chartered secretaries and administration. It also encourages potential secretaries to acquire professional qualification and organize continuing education programme and refreshers courses for the profession. These professional associations lubricate and prepare the secretaries for more effective and meaningful participation to acquire knowledge. This is achieve by setting up a training scheme and creating training places which ensure a regular stream of qualified, experienced and knowledgeable office secretaries (James, 1986).

1.2 Statement of the Problem

There has been incessant outcry all over the country about the falling standard of capacity development in many professions. The evidence of this fact is noted by yearly report of inefficiency, incompetency, lack of interest on the job and low productivity by personnel especially secretaries in various organizations. This may be due to secretaries not registering with the professional association of secretaries for thorough training. In respect to the above problems, the researcher decided to carry out a research study on the Professional association and capacity development of secretaries.

1.3 Purpose of the Study

The major purpose of this study was to determine professional association and capacity development of technical personnel. Specially, this study was undertaken to: determine the influence of professional association of secretaries and members’ capacity development in note-taking and transcription. determine the effect of professional association of secretaries and members’ capacity development in word processing. determine the effect of professional association of secretaries and members’ capacity development in record management. 1.4 Significance of the Study It is hoped that the findings of this study will be of great help to secretaries in different parastatals, ministries, industries, companies in federal, state as well as local government offices as it seeks useful solutions and answers to some of the problems encountered by secretaries and how to achieve a good capacity development. Furthermore, the finding of this study will show how professional associations and capacity development help the growth of secretaries.