The aim of this study was to investigate into the public attitude toward the secretarial profession. In doing this, data/information were received from public and the practising secretaries in the Federal Ministry of Education Abuja. In that process, some research questions were formulated, questionnaire were also drawn based on the research questions, and distributed to collect the required facts from both the public and secretaries in other to assist the production of this work. This study covers areas like the secretaries and their functions, attributes to be exhibited in their organisation and the study of human relations as it effect the relationship between the secretaries and their executives, co- workers and the society as a whole.



  • Background of the study

The secretaries are important officers in establishment; you hardly find an organization without a secretary. The work of the secretaries is of great importance to the organizations and the nation at large. The secretaries are found in every type of business organizations where personal services such as insurance, accounting, banking, advertising e.t.c are carried out, services to the general public, the secretaries have vital roles to play in organization like the local government, hospital, universities, colleges, social and welfare establishments and so on, the secretaries role cannot be over stressed. The secretaries operate and link the executives and the society even the other employees. Secretaries relieve their bosses of a great task of routine works and enquire by attending to callers. This is done by taking their messages, giving them the necessary information and allowing them to o about their businesses without disturbing their bosses. This may be through personal calls, telephone or through letters composed and mailed by secretaries. Having passed basic training in shorthand, good command of English and type mail able letters of a routine instructions, the secretaries arrange meetings, concisely compile minutes, record reports and logically arrange them. The secretaries are the bed rock in must executives. Their contributions and effectiveness enhance the efficiency of any organisation. The secretarial profession   is absolutely essential to the nation because it promotes the nation more than any other profession. It therefore means that secretaries must be people of high responsibilities, competence, dedication, morals and experience those vital duties perfectly.

The society outlook regarding secretaries’ profession is diversified depending on individuals and the organisation. There are few people who have positive views regarding the profession having known the effective role played by the secretaries, the qualities entailed and the attributes (business and personal) exhibited by them. Notwithstanding, there are so many people with negative perception towards the profession, they are frustrated persons, some group of people that are good for typing and shorthand alone. And so many others any employee who sits behinds a typewriter is a secretary. Gone are those days when the profession was looked down upon, when people regard it as a profession for the less fortunes, prostitutes, copy-typist and unrecognised people, a profession for medioevers, female folk and the unsuccessful.


Secretarial profession is absolutely essential and contributes immensely to humanity. But from time immemorial, the profession had encountered a lot of allegation from the society despite its indispensability and its responsibilities to the nation, people tend to have different perceptions towards the profession. Some people feel that the secretarial profession entails some rigid skills that cannot be coped with especially shorthand. Some other thinks that is dominated by dullards, the unfortunate and the unsuccessful. A lot of people believe that secretarial have an indecent affair with their bosses due to intimacy established between the secretaries and their bosses. The researcher intends to investigate some of the above allegation as well as to verify how the secretaries interact with the public to attract positive or negative attitude towards the secretarial profession.


The researcher observes that the society is disappointed and discouraged in the execution of secretarial duties and the exhibition of their attributes. (Some people pursuing the career secretarial studies proposed to change to other courses).

Therefore the objectives of the study are:

  1. To find out the kind of relationship that exists between the secretaries and their bosses as well as the public.
  2. To know whether the secretaries actually meet up with the required roles and qualities.
  3. For the secretaries to detect and correct their areas of deficiency, if any, in the performance of their duties keep the society aware of the secretaries’ responsibilities as well to acquaint the readers with the qualification required for the profession.
  4. For the executives to know the importance of both female and male secretaries in an organisation  and the need to train and equip them with modern machine so as to meet today’s challenges especially in administrative responsibilities, office system and technology and even more managerial skills which profession outstanding.