This study is focused on the effectiveness of public relations proactive in tertiary institutions in Enugu metropolis, with particular interest on university of science and Technology Enugu state (ESUT).
The objectives of the study among others include:
To find out whether ESUT have good relationship with the public.
To examine the level of staff and student relationship in the institution.
To determine the impact of public relations on eh students patronage on the institution (ESUT).
Three hypotheses were formulated and Bourley’s formular was used in determining the sample size of the students. While census was used for relevant staffs or management.
Sources of data were both primary and secondary data. These data were presented on statistics tables and formulated hypotheses were tested by chi-square.
Based on the analysis, the following findings were made:
That absolute dissatisfaction is found among the lecturers because of low sand unpaid salaries and wages.
Poor working conditions generally from low rate of pay over supervision an job security.
Poor relationship between union and management.
That the public relation activities in ESUT is not well and clearly defined.
That there is little or no participation of the employees in decision making of the institution because of excess local that are unpaid far etc.
In view of these findings, the following recommendations among others were offered.
That public relations functions should be defined to avoid confusion in ESUT it should be defined to include relationship with other publics and not only press relations, publicity, lobbing and counseling, the relationship should be clearly incorporated.
That better working condition be provided since high productivity is a direct function of better condition of working and saving.
That salaries and wages if the lecturer and other employees be generated to something higher than what it has been.
That well qualified and skilled lecturer be employed for better uses of public relations which will lead to more or higher patronage of the students.
It is very necessary that ESUT or in genial tertiary institution but more especially ESUT should make their public relations very effective so as to serve their publics better.



Public relation has become a potent marketing tool in modern business management in relent times, its influence is being fact on both big and small firms with the influence of even greater expansion, it is important for management organizations including tertiary institutions to understand its potentials and limitations.
Nwokoye (1984:212) defined public relations as the activities of co-operation unions, government or other organizations in building and marketing sound and productive relation, with special public such as customers, relation employees in stock holders and with public at large, so as to adopt itself to its environment and interprets itself to the society.
Busch and Houston (1995:200) noted that public relation is management function which evaluate public attitude identifies polices and procedures of an individuals or an organizations with the public interest and execute a programme of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.
Chukwu (2000:3.4) stated that public relation practice a management philosophy aimed at doing every thing possible to create good relationship between an organization and its public. Public relation is aimed at making friends for the organization and building interenal and external good will on the reasonable assemption that these are strongly needed for an organization to remain in business and make profit with the increase in the activities of an organization. The need for an adequate communication between the organization and those who in one way or the other are affected by these activities of the organization while wanting to remain liable need to have good relation with its employees, consumers of its products and services, future investors, stock holder and in fact that general public. As an organization specialized in manufacturing or offering services, its needs to slow its salt, existing or potential customers that is up to date. Forward cooking concerned to producer and offer the best goods and services for the price it charges and make sure that its customers are really satisfied.
Edoga and Ani (2001:287) noted that a company should deliberately plan and execute a continuous public relation programmes to develop a good relation between it and the various public and amongst other objectives that are being sought with public relations.
Stressing the position of public relation in the country Olawnoru (1999:194) noted that most officials occupying the public relation positions of various organization in the country today are not professionals they generally have a fair knowledge of what they are supposed to do.
Esut as an institution or organization has the students, members of its staff, parents, teachers, association, the managerent, the host society, the state and the federal government, Nigerian universities commission (NUC) etc as its relevant publics. This implies that the activities performed by ESUT in one way or the other effect those of the mentioned publics. Therefore in order to maintain its public relations with those bodies, ESUT must at all time try to create a rapport and understanding or goodwill with all these bodies. This it will do through proper information circulation between itself and those various relevant publics to it. This can be done by allowing the free flow of information paying of salaries as at when due to the staffs, engaging in proper and standard academic work, adding by the rules and regulations if NUC in the performance of its activities. Manufactures and producers of goods and services are now aware that public relations does not only ensure good relation with the public but can strive towards profit making through increased customers patronage. It is in the light of the importance attended to public relations that the researcher seeks to appraise the effectiveness of public relations, practices in Enugu state university of science and technology (ESUT).

A good corporate image is usually regarded to be essential for the existence of an organization. The success or failure of a corporation depends on its relationship with its public, consumers, employees, stock holders, government, community, distributors, suppliers and others.
A favourable corporate image creates confidence in an organization or institution. There has been occasional treble in tertiary institutions, some leading to close for some months or years. The eternal problems in our institutions has become the open issue of the day. But ESUT has always remained in section despite the occasional occurrences of this ugly indents. The questions that called for answer was why this problem of internal matters has disturb in our tertiary institution?
Why has ESUT not witness the major breaking down of law and order despite the increase in school fees?
Why has ESUT been able to maintain peace despite the fact that there are some people that do not go down well with the staff, lectures, and the students of the institution?
To what extent has public relation contributed in maintained of peace and harmony in the institution. These and many more are the center of the research work.

Some consumers (students) prefers the services of some tertiary institution to others. This fact need be accounted for by the level of public relations practiced by these institution. Even at the research study has the following objectives
a. To find out the level of attention given to consumers (students) in ESUT.
b. To find out whether the institution have good relationship with the press.
c. To determine the level of students lectures. Staff and management relations in ESUT.
d. To know how public relation help in improving communication between the people and organization.
e. To recommend solution to problems of public relations that has be identified.
f. To determine the impact of public relations and consumers (students) patronage.
g. To appraise the public relation activities of Enugu state university of science and technology (ESUT).

On the course of this research work, the following hypothesis has been putten forwards by the researcher
1. HO:- public relation of ESUT does not lead to increase in awareness of the service of ESUT.
HI: These public relations of ESUT leads to increase in awareness of their services of ESUT.
HI:- These public relations of ESUT leads to increase in awareness of their services
2. HO:- The relation between the students lecturers and staffs of the institution is not poor.
HE:- The relation between the student lecturers and staffs of the institution is very poor.
3. HO :- Public relations activities of ESUT does not lead to customers (students) patronage.
H3:- Public relation activities of ESUT leads to consumers (students ) patronage.

The most outstanding hope of this study is that its findings will be of immense benefit to students, lecturers and staff of management of tertiary institutions, which will help in minimize conflicts in these institutions.
The study also gave an insight into the problem and practices of public relations in Nigeria institutions of higher learning.
This study by its objectives will not only assess the effectiveness of classified public relation, but as its application and uses generally, therefore, when successfully this project wale or research work is carried out and documented, it will save as a source of relevant information to many institution and organizations on the ways of using public relation and its importance.
Finally, public relation practitioners have been deprived of excellent performance in their operations because of shanty and insufficient data and in-adequate literariness availability in this area. This study when successfully completed and adequately supervised will be an addition to the essential literature needed in public relations, a vital areas of marketing communication public relations practitioners and consultants will therefore use it extensively for reference. Based on forgoing, it become, indisputable that the need for this study is worthwhile.

The study covers public relation activities in view of limited time and other constraints was place on Enugu state university of science and technology (ESUT). The following factors handicapped and constrainted the researchers from attaining the zenith of the research. Among these are as follows.
The nature of this study demands much cost than what the researcher a poor student could afford. This made the scope of the study to be almost two nawouled to enable the researcher have a sample that could be effectively studied, heaving in mind the cost involved.
Again the literacy level even in the higher institutions is very discouraging one, in carrying out researches of this sort. As a result, problems were recounted in completion of questionnaires as some were not properly filled.

In writing this research work, some words will be steady use in many please in process of completing this research work, and will be good to mention and explain these terms for the better understanding of this project work, and these terns are as follows:

PUBLIC :- Any group that has actually a company to achieve its objective Kotler (1988:141).

OPINION & ATTITUDE:- Belief or judgment not founded the same in every body i.e the opinion and attitude of every body happens to differs from one person to another. It is what the people feels, thinks or believe about something or company.

IMAGE:- Mental picture or idea, view, opinion of something such as services or product held by the public.

MARKETING :- The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers requirement in a profitable way or with the intention of making profit.




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