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Something that is satanic is considered to be caused by or influenced by satan.

The ‘word’ panic is a very strong feeling of anxiety or fear which make you act without thinking carefully.

So satanic panic can be seen as something that is caused or influenced by satan and make people have very strong feeling of anxiety or fear, which result in making them act without thinking carefully.  While witchcraft is the use of magic power, especially evil ones.

Therefore, the study “Satanic Panic and will help Nigerian to reconstruct her past in order to understand the present and effective plan for the future.  Also the study will help Nigeria in her search for self determination and self-assertion.


In sociology, satanic panic is a phenomenon characterized widespread fear about the presence of Satanic ritual abuse in any community, state, or country.  The recent phenomenon originated from during the 1970s that a vast underground network of Satanists is in control of secular society.


The 1972  publication of the satan seller by Mike Wanke played a large part in launching this scare.  Wanke continued to be referenced by the mainstream media  as an “Authority” on Satanism until his story was exposed as fraudulent in 1992.  Unfortunately, the revelation has had little effect on the majority of those who choose to believe in the power of satan, ie fundamentalist Christians.


The satanic panic spread to society at large when law enforcement agencies began taking the wild claim made by evangelical Christian, on occasion, still use such allegations as a basis for investigation of occult activity on the assumption that these activities (often committed by harmless neopagan group or teenagers) are part of broader conspiracy.


In spite of the inroads made by Western medicine which has reduced the threat of witchcraft belief, the belief in witchcraft itself appears to be on the increase.  This is in consequence of undue publicity given to witchcraft activity in the mass media and the plurality of spiritual churches claiming to combat witchcraft activities.  So long as people find in witchcraft a scapegoat for some of their misfortunes, so long will satanic panic and witchcraft belief spread.  Its negative influence will only become positive as an when Algeria witches beam to use their powers for the general welfare of the society instead of engaging in diabolical and anti social activities.



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