This online application system is part of reforms to the existing system of data storage manually. This system involves the users, teachers, students and staff and parents. The main purpose of this system is to facilitate the school management to store student information and disseminating information on any changes that happen in schools to parents and teachers. Messaging system is the fastest way to send and distribute information directly and accurately. With this system, the possibility of error or offense, or storage of data registration is low. For develop this system, an analysis was conducted to identify problems and identify effective ways to overcome existing problems. Overall, the system is achieving the objectives but still need some reforms to make the system better.



1.1 Introduction

In most school today, most of the work done manually filling out the form and save the regular place of storage provided. In management of school, they have to store all data manually by writing it on paper and store it in the regular place of storage provided. This scenario gives an idea to develop the Student Academic Management System (SAMS). This system focus on student academic management. This chapter will describe about Student Academic Management System (SAMS) overview at Project Overview, problem statement which reported about the issue caused by the manual system. Beside, the project scope and objective will detailed about Student Academic Management System (SAMS) scopes and the reason of development. This system recommended by Dr. Jamaludin bin Sallim as my supervisor. 2 2.1 Project overview Student Academic Management System (SAMS) is a system that developed for school to ensure all academic process or management is in order and organize. This system is developed to facilitate the administrative management and arrange of laying out all the administration and management students. The system is creating to solve the problem and give a standard academic process for the student of that school. Many problems are occurring because there have no system to manage the student process such as attendance, student profile record, result and so on. The computerized system can solve this problem because this system is systematic and effective to prevent any data lost and some kind of problem. As a conclusion this system is develop for a school and it’s can manage the student management of academic.

2.2 Problem statement

The current problem in the standard school in Malaysia is did not have systematic data arrangement in the student management. When the staff of administrator wants to record the data of the student, they need to fill out by use the manual system, In this case data might be lost when several problem is occur. Other problem that can be happen is hard to search and update the student information and class arrangement. Teachers also have some problem to as same as administrator that using manual system including to develop the student performance example student discipline, result, attendance and so on that have no any systematic record. The systematic requirement is required so that all data is stored into the database for future reference and enhancement. Below is the specific problem statement that occurs in standard school via using manual system. i) Lack of data arrangement that is record by using manual system and using a lot of paper to record the student information, student result and performance. ii) The manual system is hard to search and update about the student information, result and performance iii) The manual system is not providing the security of the academic information that might be lost. iv) Some information released by the school is not known by the parents or teachers.

4 2.3 Objective

The objectives of this system are: i. To record all of the student academic information for future reference and enhancement and to update and search student information include personal information, result and performance ii. To record student attendance and notify.