A substance misused is a serious social problem which has a lot of socio-economic and political implication on the society. The common drugs abused being misused are those that affect the function of the brain. Generally speaking, the drugs that soothe, excite, stimulate and or depress are widely abused by many youth. However, the active involvement of the youth in this anti social behavior is alarming and dangerous to the development of any society.1

The damage done by drug abuse is so enormous that our level is drifting at frightening proportion leading to all sorts of crimes, insecurity and other vices which are alien to our society. Drug abuse nowadays has taken a new dimension with youths between the age of 1 and 30 years getting more involved. This is worrisome as it negates the norms and values of our religious teachings and culture, especially when viewed against the fact that, youths are believed to be the leaders and defenders of our society in the future, and hence the need to address issues relevant in the cause of their progression in life. The youths are vanguards of national development and agents of social reformation, need to be packaged, managed, preserved and protected. We also must ensure that we provide the right guidance to them which will enable the emergence of vibrant and resourceful youth who will take over the affairs of the state at the time when they grow older2

With regard to intoxication the position of Islam is clearly explained in the Qu’ran as stated in the following:

O you who believe! Certainly intoxicants, gambling, divination by arrows are an abomination of shaitan’s doing avoid it in order that you may be successfully3.

Once again, the Companions (RA) asked the Prophet (S.A.W) about whether the fermented drinks made from sugar cane, barley, or corn use prohibited or not. The Prophet (S.A.W) replied thus:

Every intoxicating substances is wine, and every Sine is forbidden4.

Islam in order to interpretation absolutely forbids any quantity of wine that so ever quality may be, even if it only a drop.

Necrotic, drug, and lie such as hashish, India hemp, or anything cause any herm to the body or mind are also absolutely forbidden in Islam. Islam forbids intoxicants in view of its negative effect to the well being of the humanity as its evil ensure both perpetrator and others so the issue of substances misused is general affairs especially on the youths. And today the youth are more involved in it than other age group. For this it is imperative to study the cause, extent and effect of intoxicants…


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