Praise be to Allah, the most merciful, the Holy sovereign as well as guardian of faith, and the exalt in might. He is the master of the day of judgement. He sent Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) with His message (Islamic religion) as a teacher, convener of his message and His mercy upon all human beings.


Allah (S.W.T) sent Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) with the religion of Islam as a complete way of life of humanity. It is the process conveying this great message. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) spent His life preaching, teaching and also fighting wars against the unbelievers who are disdainful and arrogant.

Successfully, the prophet (S.A.W) established an Islamic state. Immediately after the death of the Prophet (S.A,W), his Sahaba, under the leadership of the four rightly guided caliphs, continued with this mighty job. It is through efforts Islam entered Africa including Hausa land. But due to the absence revivalists and preachers, Islam was adulterated with innovations and some other religions practices which include Christianity, as a religion being practiced in every northern states of Nigeria is one amongst the most largest religion in the whole Nigeria after our religion (Islam).

Moreover, there’re quiet a number of Christians in Kebbi state that are practicing the religion of Christianity and always thinking and


trying to propagate their religion in a systematic ways, which includes their meetings the do holds every now and then and thought their various worshipping destinations and even through the media. These, had brought backwardness in the religion of Islam which is already made for the purpose of propagation.

Being the religion of Islam always at its peals, that’s why Allah (S.W.T) laid it a foundation on the basis of knowledge and propagating and calling or preaching to the religion. And the religion of Islam is the religion that is calling people upon guidance and the straight path of the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). That’s why Allah (S.W.T) has mentioned in the Glorious Qur’an telling and commanding the prophet (S.A.W) to call people upon the religion of Islam.

“Invite (all) to the way of your lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and urge them in ways that are the best”1

And to those who are against the Prophet and always disbelieving him and his calling towards the religion of Allah, Allah says:-

“And fight them on until there is no more persecution and the religion becomes Allah in it’s entity”2


The research is about the activity of Christian association of Nigeria (C.A.N), their activities religion and political activities.


Therefore, it is strictly going to function on it, with regards of these a brief history of Christian association of Nigeria (C.A.N) will be given together with their aims and objectives.3


This work will serve as a source of awareness or knowledge on how the Christian activities or association of Nigeria are in existence. Therefore, according to my verification and understanding, there has never been a copy of these sort of little research or written work done by anyone. So, if this is the case, this research will serve as a source of information for anyone that will conduct a research concerning the activities of C.A.N, likewise, it will also serve as an guide for those who want to know about C.A.N.4


Like any other research, the researcher is likely to encounter some problems. Such problems may include time factor as this not the only problem to be faced by the researcher. For instance, the researcher may be engage in other academic works such as class lectures, writing assessments, examinations, and so on. This coupled with the limited time given which are all considered as problems.

The research would face some financial problems as the scholarship can not take care of the whole expenses which would include photocopy of materials, typing and binding.


Lastly, most of the date to be gathered is through the internet and some other material and also through interviewing those who are well versed on the research topic.


The aims and objectives is to improve to people on how the activities of Christian association of Nigeria (C.A.N) is undergoing in so many of the Muslim state and Islam, such that we should which of the two religions to the true way to salvation and adhere, to it strictly and also to know the myth and falsehood contained there in, if any.

Apart from these, there are some specific aims and objectives to the research work which include:

1.   To enable one to know more about his religion and abide by the decorum, or otherwise.

2.   To help one in the evaluation of truth.

3.   It is these a very effective tool of Hikkmah (wisdom) in Da’awah

(call to the way of Allah).

4.   To help one understand other people’s ways of life, and the different opinions they uphold.

5.   Understand the disparities within other religion and thereby leads to nature respect and peaceful co-existence.


This research would be carried out through the usage of primary sources, like internet and books, the research would also be carried out by using the two scriptures i.e. Qur’an and bible. Other written.